Magnificent Monday

Picture: Handiwork of the greatest Artist that ever was and IS- God!

This has been quite a week, friends. Would you like tea or coffee? 
Please, sit down and get ready for a wild ride.
Thank you for taking time to visit. So here’s how the week went…

Monday started with another expensive visit to the vet for our little Ashley. Apparently her colon nerves are not optimally firing and this is leading to some…ahem…problems, as you can well imagine. You think you have problems? I pray that “your colon nerves fire optimally” may well be a gracious prayer to pray on any given day. Go ahead say it…Um…Eewwww!

Tuesday brought another unexpected adventure with animals into my life, as I shared here on the blog. I encountered a Merciful Moment with a dying bunny and the plans I had made for the day were suddenly changed.

Wednesday I have set aside for my Hub’s Mom, Grace. This week he and I went to visit and have lunch with her. We also helped arrange her hutch with all her little lifelong treasures. She and my Father In Law had moved in February to their new apartment on the first floor of their second eldest son’s home just before  he passed away this April. She gave me a sweet little Tea set – it is actually an espresso set but I think it is adorable for a “spot” (literally) of tea, as well!

Thursday is the day I pray with some lovely ladies at my daughter’s school (Moms In Prayer). Since last week I was a teensy bit discouraged initially that none had come and I prayed alone, I was ecstatic to have a partner with which to pray! I had planned (see the theme of the week) to head to a coffee shop for some quiet time after prayer BUT the Lord had other plans…first I had a text from a mom asking for me to serve lunch for her (we alternate weeks). That was no problem. Then the art teacher asked me to decorate some cans to be used as pencil holders: FUN and I used the the scraps I had from the star punches I had already started on- darn I should have gotten pictures! WaLa: time was gone, POOF! But it was wonderfully perfect how God had my day all worked out again, and is all I needed to be was AVAILABLE to Him and flexible with my plans!

He has been having a good time messing with the 
“Not My Will (read Plans) but Yours” theme, this past week!

Friday I enjoyed another day of helping out at school to prepare for the Art Show – the art teacher is amazingly ambitious and turbo-charged in Christ! I returned at night, hub and girl in tow and enjoyed viewing the childrens wonderful creativity.
Here is a sampling of our girl’s work (2 out of the 4 pieces on display) . 

Saturday My daughter got to connect with her “Fairy God-Mother” and attend a Ladies event at my old church. I attended a lovely shower for our Pastor’s daughter and got to catch up with a special friend.

Sunday Are you still there? I got a special blessing of a leather bound Thompson Chain Reference Bible. I gave my last one away years ago to a young man at church who could not afford one! He loved it and I know got much use out of it. I am not one who is short on Bibles, friends. But I want to tell you, this is a special treat to me. I am so excited about it-I almost don’t want to read it, but just adore it with my eyes- Don’t worry, I promise to thoroughly EAT it all up! I promise I won’t just gaze upon it’s loveliness without digesting the words! I also am reading these gems from our Church Library which I am excited to be helping organize this Summer. Are you sitting? I am ecstatic to have these books to read:

The Journals of Jim Elliot and The Savage My Kinsman by my favorite lady in Christianity Elisabeth Elliot!

Psych! Great find!

Here are the Bloggers I am praying for this week:
1. Pam @ In The Shadow Of His Wings -May 20, 2012
2. Toni @ Lakeside Lessons -May 21, 2012
3. Beth @ C.Beth Blog -May 22, 2012
4. Melanie @ Only A Breath -May 23, 2012
5. Carissa @ Lowercase Letters -May 24, 2012
6. Emily @ Imperfect Prose -May 25, 2012
7. Kim @ Scattered Stones -May 26, 2012
It is not too late for you to join in at anytime and make a list of your own and link up! I am already prayerfully preparing my 2nd Round. There is flexibility in how you can go about this but a great way to remember to pray for each of those blogs in your Blogroll! I am making sure to add the ones I do not visit frequently as well, to allow God to use me as He wills. My goal is to pray for all the Blogs I follow. OK, so there will be many rounds! Now, you can also just join in by praying for the person on my list or of someone else’s list so we can be sure that where two or more are gathered together He is present! Yes! Barbie @ My Freshly Brewed Life and Nicky @ Simply Striving currently have committed to their own Blog List to pray, so feel free to join any one and just pray as God leads you for the specific Blogger and/or List!
I have decided to send my prayer to the individual Blogger 
through e-mail as opposed to publishing it on my blog
 to keep it personal and special as God leads.

Have a Wonderful Week and 
Blessed Be The Name of Our God!

PS: My “Multitudes on Monday” is in a previous post

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5 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. What a wonderfully interesting and pleasant week. So refreshing to walk through your days with you…made me wish I was actually there in person. I love the tea set from your mother in law…what a treasure! And your daughter is a gifted artist…she shows much promise! You are blessed beyond measure…


  2. Oh, girl. I am exhausted hearing about your week! 🙂 Love how God took part in even the smallest of details. He is good. all the time, isn't He. and I am simply captivated by your daughter's artwork! wow. I am emailing those bloggers on my list as well. I've sent out two emails so far and am really enjoying the intentionality of it all! (yes, my one word for the year) 🙂 So blessed you began this journey and allowed us to take part. thank you!All for Him,Nikki


  3. What a busy week you had! And what a blessing your ministry of prayer is…may you be refreshed as you refresh and care for others with your to you,Alida


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