Grace of Giving: Book Review

Grace of Giving: Turning the Key to Enter and Experience Fullness of Life
By Marja Meijers

I have just finished reading an excellent book by author and Freelance Writer Marja Meijers. Grace of Giving is one in a series of books about The Ten Commandments. I was amazed, encouraged, challenged and convicted as I read this short but rich book which is based on three little words: Do not steal. 
“Giving is an attitude of love and love is the fulfillment of the law.”
Marja sets the standard early and then comes through with point after point of powerful insight into the 8th Commandment found in Exodus. She comes at truth from a truly fresh perspective in my point of view. I found her writing to be tightly knit and packed with scripture and thought provoking meditations (questions) at each chapter’s end. I have to say, I often find questions by others a bit stifling due to my very inquisitive nature; however Marja’s questions really hit the mark for me and allowed me to reflect well and hear God clearly on a number of points instead of overly directing or hindering that process. 
This book has three parts which are inspired by John 10:10 explaining how Jesus holds the key to our ability to live the life in the fullness God desires for us. He warns us, He empowers us with grace and He fulfills His promise  through His teaching, example and sacrifice. It all is clearly set before us. Ultimately Marja takes us on a journey from the letter of the law in Exodus to the fulfillment expressed in Christ. 
This would be an excellent study for groups, individual or one on one discipleship/study. I am planning on reading more of this author’s offerings as they become available. I highly recommend this book as I know you will thank me for sharing. Yes, it’s that good.
Also there is a free audio book download included with the book so you can listen 
to Marja herself reading it while you are on the go! 

Other books by Marja (adding them to my To Read list!):

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You can visit Marja at her blogs:

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  1. That sounds like an excellent read for me and what a well written review girl!I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya enjoy the ride!God bless and in the words of that wacky old Granny Clampett, “ya'll come back now, ya hear!” Have a beautiful day sweetie! :o)


  2. Marja,Perhaps I should have sent you the link? I just loved the book and felt I wanted to share so I did. Next time I promise to let you know. Just keep writing! You are a blessing.


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