A Mother’s Legacy: Journal Giveaway

Actual Book- Sorry the flowers are mine! ūüėČ
As you may already know (I hope), this Sunday is Mother’s Day. To celebrate, I am sharing the joy of motherhood with you this week via a few select posts and also a fun giveaway. To enter this giveaway is all you have to do is- drum roll please… budududududududu bum: Leave a comment! Simple! You are entered.
I thought since your To Do List was already long enough, I would keep it simple. 
What is this wonderful gift you can win by leaving a comment? 
The above pictured beautiful gift-book/journal from Thomas Nelson that I bought a few years ago which I set aside, untouched. OK, it was not actually UNTOUCHED, of course I touched it, silly. But it is unwritten in, unspoiled, brandy new and waiting for you! You can check out the innards etc. here on Amazon. 
As I sorted through some books I rediscovered it and thought it would be a blessing to celebrate Mother’s Day with you by giving it away on my blog.¬†

This blank book is a beautiful treasure filled with inspiring quotations, journal prompts and questions to celebrate and record specific memories. Brimming with femininity, floral pages and soft, inviting colors, it will be a special treat for the recipient, indeed!

Get ready to “go down Memory Lane” , as my Mom likes to say!
Some of you may also find wonderful blogging/writing prompts 
for days the creative juices run dry!

Thank you Lord, for the gift of Motherhood! 

Please enter to win and be blessed! 
I am so excited to share the gift of journaling with you!

Actual Back Cover 

* Winner will be announced in Monday’s Post
 (and contacted via E-Mail) 
Drawing deadline Sunday at Midnight. 

PS: I did not receive a bloomin’ penny from Amazon for the links!
All done for the fun and downright joy of it – links for your convenience!

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9 thoughts on “A Mother’s Legacy: Journal Giveaway

  1. The journal is gorgeous! Very gracious of you to give it away…I'm basking in the sound of the ocean right now…I may stay awhile! Pam Mosher


  2. What a great gift! I came home from my mom's memorial with the to-do list that included writing our family story for my sons. I heard so many new things about my own mom's life at her memorial and want my kids to have it all ready for them. If I don't win, I have other blank journals, but this is a great reminder for me. Thanks!


  3. What a pretty journal. I'm thinking that if I won it I'd send it to my daughter-in-law (the one that hates me and has cut me out of her life). I swore I would always be her family no matter what and I plan to stick to that.


  4. What a beautiful gift to share with one of your readers Dawn! I also enjoyed reading everyone's comments and was especially touched by Stacy's – what a beautiful thought she expressed! Thanks for joining us at Friendship Friday – have a beautiful week! :-)Create With Joyhttp://create-with-joy.com


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