Pardon My Tangent: Hunger Games

Spoiler Warning: 
Oh, please dear one, if you are easily offended, would you mind just skipping this post? 
There will not be profanity, sex or violence, however I will be speaking of things which will reflect my personal opinion. If you find that listening to others who have a “different” opinion than you causes you undo stress, I plead for you to pass on by and  come back tomorrow. By the way, if you’re interested in where I stand with regard to communication guidelines, I highly recommend these two posts:
These should explain quite clearly where I stand which will allow you to make a most prudent decision. 

OK, here is the scoop. I read The Hunger Games, and thought the books told a decent story on their own. As a Believer when I read, I hear God and sense His Spirit- I listen and consider what is impressed upon me and am able to communicate with others (who may or may not have the same opinion as me) and in this way exercise my ability to apply what I know with what I read.
When one reads the books, you can see that they would make for captivating cinema by worldly standards.
I saw the movie. Now I do my best to steer clear of much Christian viewpoint for the fact that:

 1. I am a Christian
 2. I have the mind of Christ
 3. It’s hard enough to hear God’s voice clearly when people feel the need to jam their own opinion down your throat whether you asked or not, thank you.
4. I choose to try to keep an open mind and form my own opinions based on God’s leading and my own God given pee brain ie. think for myself as opposed to regurgitate a spin-off of what people (who I may or may not with by the way) are saying.

*PS – of course I check in with Focus on The Family occasionally- I am not a heathen, after all!

 Honestly…like a muscle one needs to exercise discernment to grow in it. Instead of avoid every single “godless” thing. Last time I checked God is sovereign. Really. Although the Hunger Game series is considered “godless”, when a believer reads these books God insights and discussion become possible. It really wearies me that some do want to make their point so much that they are unwilling to see, listen, or consider anything but their preconceived thoughts. Yet these same people will demand to be heard and understood, respected. Seems to me if you want to be listened to and understood, you need to be willing to think and make your own conclusions after reading (or seeing) what you are sharing an opinion on. God really is able to use all to bring glory to himself, in His way, and in His time. The story itself has less to do with killing than it does with political oppression…but to get that you would have to READ it.
Now if this kind of story is  just not your cup of tea, that’s fine. But I find that some will espouse on something they have no idea about based on what they heard or overheard. Which is usually coming from ignorance.
We are told to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Wise and harmless. I thought the series had compelling lessons for Christians specifically, and Americans. We have seen the future and it shall be…history repeating itself? Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Stretch yourself. 
God allows for opportunities to share truth, 
and He can use godless fiction literature to lead others 
to His wisdom. 
He used an ass, didn’t he? 
I know, you are hating me, now. Sorry. 
Don’t forget to read 1 John tonight before bed. 
I forgive you.
OK, enough about that. 
I promise to be good tomorrow- it’s Sunday after all. 

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3 thoughts on “Pardon My Tangent: Hunger Games

  1. Amen, Dawn. I also read and enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy as I have MANY other so-called 'godless' works of fiction. I always think of the phrase, 'plundering the Egyptians'…(from Exodus 3: 20).


  2. Hello Dawn. We have always been interested in media – tv, books, movies (as you Americans say!) and we don't restrict ourselves to Christian content only and never have. We have told our kids that all things are acceptable but not all things are beneficial and let that be their guide. God has been able to deal with everything that these things have thrown up so far and I have no reason to think he will nor be able to keep doing so. It's boring but it really is all about balance for us.


  3. I too have read and seen the Hunger Games. The political oppression is the main idea and the senseless violence is really a result of this. But even in the midst it is still humanity and love that shows through and inspires the masses.


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