Chopped, Grace and The Power of a Surrendered Life

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds
 and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

Last night I woke up at around 2 AM. A bronchial cough that would not let me rest had me dragging myself to the living room where I could sit up , breathe and basically not sleep. You get the idea. I did not feel I could read, write or do anything except cough, sniffle and sit. Finally I succumbed to the annoying presence that dominates that room. The television. I have to be pretty sick to give in, but I just felt staring at the screen  was all the physical engagement I could muster…aside of cough, sniffle, sneeze. Well God was so good to allow me to be blessed, inspired and enlarged by a re-run of a Chopped episode that aired in the Summer of 2011. The theme happened to be Redemption (sweet irony) and the show had an ending that was unanticipated, unexpected and oh, so glorious! 
If you don’t follow the show, basically 4 Chef’s compete for 10,000 dollars by preparing an appetizer, Entree, and dessert all with the surprise ingredients each receive, within their baskets. I rarely catch programs when they originally air as I am usually putzing around writing or reading, creating mischief…or making my husband watch reruns of the X-Files on Netflix with me. So this was perfect timing. 
Chef Lance Nitahara  expressed his faith and how God has changed him in the clips  featured as the 1 hour show progressed. He actually serves at The Camp Of The Woods in beautiful Speculator, New York. I visited there in Fall and it is beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. The focus is Christian Service and Ministry. OK, so now I am glued to the screen…and the more he speaks about God, the more I am wide-eyed and enthralled. He displays, amazing, humility, grace and kindheartedness. Saying Lance Nithara shined for Christ was such an understatement, you must watch it for yourself. After winning the competition, Lance displays an amazing gracious act, so rare, so beautiful, so completely Christ – Like…it left everyone on the show speechless. Please, watch it…and be inspired. I suggest you watch the whole thing and it will be grace and inspiration to you…

Here is a list of some of the surprise ingredients in those BASKETS. I am always amazed and impressed with what they manage to do with what is given. Even while gagging! 
By the way my friend Lois of Walking on Sunshine should SO be a contestant on Chopped! 
If you see her this weekend tell her I said so! 
May the SON shine brightly in you, as you go about your day to day activities, as well as on the high and holy days…every day is a holy day because of Him who has
made us Holy! 

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5 thoughts on “Chopped, Grace and The Power of a Surrendered Life

  1. Oh My Goodness.Like Yoanne, I am (almost)speechless. And overwhelmed. Wow!Sacrificial, Jesus love.Thank you, Dawn. And feel better, my sweet friend. <3Grace & peace,Pam


  2. Not too sure about that! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food!!! And that show sure enjoys using strange ingredients! I would have loved to have seen that episode! Need to look for it! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Praying for you to feel better! Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow mine, Saved by Grace Collett


  4. I loved this episode, what a testimony! We've got it saved on the PVR and I messaged Chef Lance directly and told him how much I admire testimony!


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