On Writing…and Squirrels

Recently, I was asked to join in a Writers’  Blog Hop and answer four specific questions about my writing and then introduce and invite three others to join along. Sounds easy, right? But the reality is, there are just way too many squirrels around these days….at least from where I’m standing.


On Comments



Not only do I love Mary Engelbreit, but I love the way she thinks. Sharing a smile with all of my Writing and Blogging friends today.

Never guilty of this, right?

A must share, yes?

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Motherhood Minus Social Media (#5MFF)


My daughter in a borrowed baby back pack enjoying the ride with mom.


As a single, working mom I toted and doted over my one and only girl. I carried her on my chest, on my back and in my heart. As a Personal Trainer/Director, Fitness Instructor and breastfeeding mama in an all women’s gym, I enjoyed a lot of love and support during this season. My Girl was doted on and toted by many women in the environment we spent our days in from the beginning.


Previous Older Entries

18th Poetry Contest Winner: “Ship Bound for Madness”

Poetry Contest Winner: “The Miracle In Me”


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