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To say I like to write would be like saying, I like to breathe. Breathing is a matter of life or death. Writing has always been a constituitive part of my life. I just do it. Some things you can live without. Some things you can’t. Prior to sharing on my former blog Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith at Blogger, I wrote in journals. Longhand. Exclusively. I had a few typewritten poems from my earlier years. Typewritten, as in on  a typewriter. Before  laptops, tablets, windows…before it all. In the beginning, I wrote. On paper with a pen. I still do.

Writing is life. 

The difference is, now I share. Here. There and well, almost anywhere. I’m big on sharing, and community. By community, I mean sincere, real and come just as you are. Hearts don’t dress up. They beat. Your heart is welcome here. So, just beat it…no, just playing with ya! Sometimes I make inappropriate jokes at really awkward moments. Get used to that if you want to spend some time here. But, I laugh hardest at myself, so honestly, no offense intended.

What you can expect to find here:

I live on the coast of Rhode Island, hence the beach pictures. I like to share a bit about some local topics of interest for visitors. I love RI!

I write poetry…or at least sometimes words sort of tumble out of me.

I share about how I’m working out this life of faith and it ain’t always pretty, quite honestly. I strive to keep it honest. For better or worse.

I’ve spent most of my adult life coaching others, meanwhile I have been coached by a “higher authority”.  I’ve worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 25 years, sometimes I write about it. When I am not completely perturbed by the whole Fitness field in general. Even as I write this sentence I feel a rant bubbling up from beneath the surface. #stop

My Writing Life, as well as passion for keeping a Journal are subjects that I love to share about regularly. I have hosted a Writing Community called Random Journal Day for the past two years and  I am hoping to continue that community here in some capacity. We gather the first Friday of each month to share from our personal Journals.

I’m a natural sharer. Which is to say, Social Media and me, we are fairly comfortable together.

Oh, and to be perfectly clear, I am all about Jesus. Period.

Occasionally I write about: Marriage, Family, Motherhood. Discreetly. With humor. Unless I’m mad. That’s why there is a Draft file.

One more thing. I have a thing for all things beachy, especially stones, rocks and Sharks. Yes, I said Sharks. You will understand in due time. Stick around.

“Dawn Paoletta is a blogger who invites you into her life on the beach with Jesus. Her writing is full of humor, spiritual insight and gritty honesty, or that could be the sand between your toes. She never met a rock she didn’t like or a fellow writer she did not encourage and challenge. Dawn regularly reveals her true heart in her writing and that is what makes her so readable! She talks about God as she sees Him in nature, family and fitness. Expect laughter, truth and seashells in your pockets when you read Dawn.” ~Susie Klein aka Recovering Church Lady

35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. OH I am so happy that you used my description of you!!! Yay! This is a great post and it gives everyone far warning of what to expect here at Beneath the Surface. Ha!


  2. This is absolutely perfect, Dawn! You really captured what goes on around here. Welcome to your new home….I should have brought a housewarming gift. Oh, wait….

    Heavenly Father, bless Dawn’s new blog home. Bless her writing and her sharing, may it all flow from you and circle back around to be a pleasure to you. Bless each one who comes here, let them find the nugget of truth you have given Dawn to share. Keep Dawn in your tender care, make the hours of her days flow with time enough to fulfill all her duties and pleasures. Guard her health and her emotions and keep her strong. Finally Father, fill this space with the breath of your presence and touch all who pause here. Thank you, in the precious name of the Savior, Jesus. Amen.

    🙂 ❤


    1. That was the bestest Housewarming gift ever, my friend. You bless me! Thank you so much. And Lord, I thank you for each one who will visit, pass through, as well as those who linger in community. May you be glorified in all that transpires in this little space in the blogosphere. May your presence be felt here and known. Thank you that you love each one of us with an everlasting love, and may we remember it well, but when we forget, as we sometimes do in light of our perceived Goliaths, may we gently encourage one another straight back into those same everlasting arms, by the words we say here and in our offline lives. May every word turned out in this place bring you glory, honor and praise. Thank you for these friends, Lord. This place. All of it…every last nano-tecnho-whosamajiggy .com is ultimately YOURS, for you are sovereign. Amen.


  3. Oh my! What a lovely new dwelling to house your marvelous words! I can’t wait to see what you will be sharing with us from this new perch. It is lovely. Just don’t forget us over at blogger. I’m slow to make changes. But I will enjoy watching your changes emerge into something new and glorious. Thank you for taking us with you on this journey into your heart and soul. I’ve loved the ride.


  4. I had such a lovely response, and then it disappeared when I logged in. Just know that I am “enthusiastically” following your journey to your new place. It looks magnificent, by the way! So proud of you for leading the way through the wilderness of blogdom for the rest of us!


  5. What a wonderfully positive and heartfelt blog to wake up to every morning! A very cool new beginning. Congratulations Dawn! ‘Renewel’ is alive and possible for us all!


  6. I love your new place and I totally miss the beach! As you may know, I grew up on Long Island across the street from the boat docks. So the smell of the fresh sea air is missing living in Phoenix. So I enjoy coming and reading your blog.

    Thank you for how you always seem to encourage at just the right time. I appreciate that about you.

    I understand your love for writing. I too had journals and journals and then began blogging. I still journal privately too.

    Blessings and love,


  7. Beautiful new digs, ya got here Dawn, and I absolutely LOVE this page!! So funny, so real and honest. Looking forward to enthusiastically reading your posts on the new site 🙂


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