All I Ever Learned in Life I Learned from Planner People

I wanted to let you know of the latest article published over at Carie Harling’s Paper Planning Magazine. When I wrote this article last year, it was a semi-tribute to the many contributors who have impacted my plannerly lifestyle. The list isn’t exclusive, I could have added a number of other names, and stories butContinue reading “All I Ever Learned in Life I Learned from Planner People”

Favorite Things: Planner/Journal Bands (NamesByKarla)

  It’s coming to the end of one year and the start of a new one, alas the Holiday Season is upon us! What better time to share a few of my favorite things for journal keeping joy and planner passion. Today, I am featuring one of my favorite planner/journal accessories from a fellow plannerContinue reading “Favorite Things: Planner/Journal Bands (NamesByKarla)”