Journal Keeping {Faith Life Preservers-Day 4}

If the truth be known, and it is, if there is one activity in my life  that has sustained me and been sustained by me longer than journal writing  it’s only breathing.  Do you keep a journal?  I have been keeping a journal since I picked up a pen.  It borders on OCD, this needContinue reading “Journal Keeping {Faith Life Preservers-Day 4}”

911: A Perspective In Time-Re-Post {RJD September 2012}

It was a week after the tragedies of 911 before I could attempt to express myself in a journal entry. Like most Americans, I felt it was too big to put into words… Hello my Friends, I hope you will understand  I am finding myself busy adjusting to this new Fall scheduleand I am  feeling a bit overwhelmedContinue reading “911: A Perspective In Time-Re-Post {RJD September 2012}”

Random Journal Day Link-Up {September}

photo credit: nuanc via photo pin cc Welcome to Random Journal Day! September 7, 2012 This is the first of our new Monthly Link Ups and I am looking forward to  sharing from one of my journals this month with you- I will probably link up over the weekend. I look forward to peeking intoContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link-Up {September}”

Random Journal Day Link Up/Blog Hop #20

Welcome to Random Journal Day! Hello, Fellow Journal Keepers, Artists, Writers and Friends! Well today I have a special treat!I wanted to give you some inspiration and let you know of a friend in our RJD communitywho also has a Journal Link Up. If you have not had a chance to visit Marcia, she is an amazingContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up/Blog Hop #20”