Be a Featured Journal Keeper


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If you have found Journal Keeping instrumental to your well being or just love journaling and the joy of the journaling  journey- no matter how it looks for you, we’d love to have you share your heart on the matter!

Featured Journal Keepers are those who contribute to the community here regularly (or intermittently) or who have been invited because of their contribution to Journal Keeping in some way, ie. hosting workshops, authoring related books, contributing input in the RJD community (or by special invitation). If you think you might like to be featured- based on the description or are a good fit, feel free to contact me!

*The featured writer shares their own thoughts on journal keeping, tips for beginners, how they started and what they love about keeping a journal. We are a diverse group and welcome you to be a part of our community of writers!

You can see and read the words of each of the 2014 Featured Journal Keepers HERE!

Join us to kick-start your own Journal Keeping Journey in 2015!

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