Nike (A Special Guest Post by Marjorie Vorhaben)

Today I have a special treat for you all. As many of you know I participate in a local writer’s group here in RI. As a Mother’s Day treat, I get to share one of my very favorite pieces written by fellow writer Marge Vorhaben. I have had the privelage of hearing and reading a numberContinue reading “Nike (A Special Guest Post by Marjorie Vorhaben)”

Random Journal Day #48 with Featured Journal Keeper Joy Pedrow

  Hello, Journal Keepers! I am tapping away on my keys on this very snowy evening in Rhode Island and looking forward to our monthly gathering of sharing this mutual love for journal keeping. This month I have a very special guest and I am so glad she finally is joining us. Joy is aContinue reading “Random Journal Day #48 with Featured Journal Keeper Joy Pedrow”

Planning Big (Guest Post and Giveaway w/ Jenny Penton)

    I am thrilled to have with us today on the blog, my favorite Planner person, Jenny Penton, I know she will inspire you today. I have mentioned Jenny often during this Planner series as I love her, her philosophy of life and planning, and when I asked if she would share her awesomenessContinue reading “Planning Big (Guest Post and Giveaway w/ Jenny Penton)”

Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)

  Today is a special day, I am turning my blog place over to the lovely Laura Boggess who has just released her beautiful book Playdates with God- Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown Up World. I shared a bit about that last week in this POST.  I am honored to have Laura hereContinue reading “Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)”