The Wellspring

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I wonder if over the course of days, of these years that seem lost, if we haven’t all allowed ourselves to be distracted. Not in the small sense, but in the way that is akin to sleeping at the wheel and veering completely off the road. Somewhere between the kingdoms of seen and unseen realms there seems such a shift, that regardless of where you stand, you’d have had to notice.

I know I have been wrapped up too much, and for too long in other people’s agendas and expectations. Both worried for things that matter and many that don’t, for naught. Like the paper piles that have accumulated on the kitchen counters or mail no-one wants to open, I’ve exhausted the very grief that continues to carry me, and I wonder if this grief isn’t a part of something so much bigger than I conceive. I wonder if there is a point of no return, and there is an accumulation of grieving taking place beyond my four walls, my small town, in this here smallest state in the USA…is the world not grieving? Not just for the losses in lives at the hands of a massive “pandemic” but, perhaps at its own foolishness. As if a mask has come off and the face staring back at the masses disappears again into the clouds, and crowds- but the truth is, the mask was a mirror, and the reflection we have seen has caused pandemonium. So amidst this grieving world, some are thrashing wildly around, others are looking up, and some are just so angry and disoriented they can’t stop lashing out at others. The race resumes, it’s the beginning of Autumn. The gate opens, the pace picks up, and they’re off… and running again!

Where does it end?

I ask myself in light of these days of saving grace…in a world that beckons I come again and run. Come, and have my fill. Have I forgotten who I am?

Have I forgotten the One who called me out of the darkness into His glorious light?

Have I forgotten who called me to share His power and presence in my life with others, trusting not in the spoils of this world, but in Him alone?

Have I forgotten who made my heart leap for joy? Forgotten who said, “I will never leave nor, forsake you?”

There is no formula to know God. This I know. Do I believe it? Do you? Do we believe with our hearts what we confess with our mouths…? Do we really believe what we say we do? What are we believing and trusting in? Relying on? Hoping for…more importantly, hoping in?

For he himself has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Also within this passage of scripture are the words: so we can confidently say, The Lord is my helper; I WILL NOT FEAR what can man do to me?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent too much time the past, oh, I don’t know…LIFETIME, worrying about the things MAN can do to me. The government, the president, the speaker of the house, the crazy neighbor 5 houses down, communism, the people who I love, the people who love me, the people who do NOT like me at all, people who I don’t like, people from my past, people who I don’t know well (!), co-workers, friends of friends, frenemies, haters who hate for no particular reason and the list goes on and on. Then there’s God…this incomprehensible Deity, who calls me by my name and says, in the humanity of Jesus Christ, himself a man…yet God, “Come”…and I cannot deny Him. There is no formula for knowing God, this I believe, but what I do know is this, “a broken spirit and a contrite heart, he will not deny“. Note: Different scripture versions use the word despise, reject, etc. in place of deny, I’m just shooting off the cuff so you can check out the passage for yourself in Psalm 51 (linked at end of post).

There is no formula to know God anymore than there is a formula to be a friend. Or to have peace. One day you open the Holy Scripture, the next He reveals wisdom in His creation, another day he speaks through a stranger, a friend, a song, or some other manner. This God follows no script. Answers to no man, bows not to smaller gods. But, He holds out a continuous invite for those who qualify…might you have a broken spirit and contrite heart?

God is not far. Though wars rage, climate changes, worlds collide and chaos threatens. God stands unphased. But He is not untouched, nor complacent. Though you may think you cannot see Him, know Him, or have any impact or influence in the heavenly domain, and you wonder whether He is speaking anymore to anyone at all, or if He ever did.

Maybe one could start with a stop?

Stop complaining. Stop criticising. Stop consuming. Stop concerning yourself with all of the things you can’t control. Stop where you are.

Now listen…

for the breeze outside the windows, to the whirr of passing cars, for the semi-silent hum of electricity. Wait and continue to wait, in the quiet for the quiet. Wait for the quiet as one hungry, holding out hands for their portion of bread.


When the quiet finds you, may you welcome it and may you find in it the same strength providing stillness that speaks to your soul. May it be yours and may you embrace it. May you find supreme satisfaction in whatever small portion of the day you dare to acknowledge Him and may He himself be the balm for whatever ails you.

As for me, I have found Him still to be sufficient, though in my own insufficiency I continue to fail in many ways. He himself, has promised…”I will never leave nor forsake you.” Therefore, I will continue to wholly rely on Him. He has shown himself a wellspring to me- yes. A continual supply of all I need.

May He be your peace and portion today.

(Primary scriptures noted in blog post: Psalm 51, Hebrews 13:5-6)

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Enthusiastically, Dawn

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5 thoughts on “The Wellspring

  1. This was very powerful, Dawn. I appreciate the depth of heart from which this springs…that “wellspring” of faith and love that only our Sovereign God can give us when we have totally used up our own resources. Oh that we would remember that we don’t have to use up our own resources…we can always rely on Him to provide all that we need exactly when we need it. But it often takes the crucible of grief and sorrow or pain for us to realize Who has been carrying us all along. Thank you for this beautifully written post from your heart. It is a blessing to me to see and drink from this wellspring. God bless you my friend.

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    1. Dear Pam, remember the early days of our connecting? I tried to tag you and Suzie and Cecelia, but when I couldn’t tag Suzie I decided I would just trust you would find my words again, as you always have. Thank you for your faithful presence on my journey…even from our distance. What is distance to GOd? None-existent! Love to you, my friend!


      1. So thankful that with God there is no distance. He’s right here with us always. Therefore, those that we love who have gone on before us are really not that far away either, because they are with God. Something to always keep in mind. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this journey you are on. I’m so glad we are still able to connect! There was a reason for us “meeting” when we did…Susie, Cecelia and there are others as well. God bless you dear friend.

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