Unboxing Horacio Printing Seasonal Boxes

Horacio Printing’s Winter Seasonal Subscription – knocking out of the park with practical and beautiful products!

I have a few reviews I will be sharing in November. Things I love or use or am excited about sharing. I’d like to say I am paid endorser here for this product, but I am not. I am not even a fan of subscription boxes. However, Horacio Printing is a class act all the way through, so I decided to give it a go before this crazy Pandemic, and I will say that it has been a bright spot in the longest year…ever. Lord, have mercy.

I was super excited to see Mr. Postman delivering my subscription box this weekend. I was thrilled to learn that there was the new Advent devotional journal, A Way in a Manger in the Winter box as I saw it had released but was unsure it would be in our sub boxes. As always Polly and team do not disappoint!

I appreciate and have enjoyed a number of products and continue to, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question I might be able to answer or help! In the image below I have the Seasons of Soap Volume 1 Bible Study. I call these my Quite Time Appetizers. In the Volume 1 edition the topics covered Purpose, Wisdom, Transition, Anxiety, and Joy. A perfect blend for pandemic life, yes? Included is Polly and her Planner Team’s signature support through Dream Planning. There is a Heart Check, Refocus Cloud and a place to deal with your current fears. The minimalistic, elegant layouts allow the kind of margin missing in our days, but encourages us to seek it in a subtle manner, by its very presence. Beauty in details and fountain pen friendly pages encourage thoughtful moments of reflection and conciseness in written prayers using the SOAP method. These bound, linen books are truly a joy to use, or gift! Also pictured below is the vegan leather (that’s so weird to say but there it is) black leather The Best is Yet to Come bag. It holds all the good stuff! Ive been carrying it since I received it in an earlier seasonal box.

I want to say that I have not been disappointed with these beautiful products in the subscription boxes from Horacion Printing! There are great gifts in each and beautiful creations that compliment- not clutter up my life. I have used and enjoyed everything I’ve received. No regrets here.

Winter Seasonal Subscription Box

Here is my first look and commentary as I see for the first time the goodies in this box. I explain a bit about each and will be sharing more during the month. Thanks for watching and sharing my enthusiasm!

Summer Seasonal Subscription Box

Below is my unboxing of the Summer Seasonal Box if you want to see that also!

Here is a discount CODE for $10 off your purchase at Horacio Printing good until November 25th.

Looking forward to The Dreamer’s Summit December 4-6 and believing The Best is Yet to Come! Amen?

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  1. Obviously, I live under a rock… I was completely unfamiliar with Horatio Printing and I had no idea planner subscription boxes were a thing 🙂 However… I plan to remedy the former and perhaps treat myself to the latter. Thank you for such a fabulous review. Your enthusiasm is contagious!


    1. We should be neighbors! Please do not buy anything until you receive a certain bit of happy birthday mail coming your way…it hasn’t arrived here yet, but will be mailed out as soon as it arrives!


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