Addressing Death While Walking with a Boy?


About that title- don’t worry! These are just a merging of the two poems I  will read for you today! My special treat for you. I am giving the gift of poetry to you…but you can just listen.

I spent a bit of time recording some spontaneous poetry readings earlier. I did one on Periscope and the other on my Facebook Page  @ Enthusiastically, Dawn.

Both of these poems are from the the anthology our local RI group of writers published earlier in the year.

I hope you enjoy them. Pardon the chair turning during the Facebook reading…I  should never sit in a twisty chair while reading poetry!

Here is the reading of Addressing Death” on Periscope:

Here is the reading of “While Walking With a Boy” on Facebook:


Our book is available for purchase on Amazon :  2nd Annual Anthology Paperback  by Neighborhood Guild Creative Writers Group Please let me know if you decide to buy a copy. If you do I would be happy to send you a hand or type written copy (I have a sweet Smith -Corona vintage beauty for that purpose) of any one of my pieces from the anthology as a thank you gift for your support. Our group is a talented and wonderfully eclectic bunch, and I know you will enjoy each of the portions shared.

This is my story…this is my song.

I am Writing Redeemed in October for 31 Days, 

See ALL the posts as they are published write HERE! 

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

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    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t get into it. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions …also you might be able to view it on Amazon. The last anthology we published had my poems available in full for view!


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