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It’s late,  I’m tired…yet I’ve made a commitment. Write 31 Days, no excuses.

I’m going to keep today’s post extremely short for two reasons.


The first reason is obvious- the above statement- straight up- it’s late.

The second reason I’m keeping this short is, I want you to read the posts I write daily. I want to explore this topic with you, and figure out just what this Writing Redeemed  means to me, and in doing so, perhaps you will be inspired to explore what it means for you, too.

What does Writing Redeemed mean to me? 

Simply stated, it means I write from the place of truth within me.

For me, writing is not an exercise of intellectual pursuit, whereby I am looking to impress the masses with my stunning insights or witty  prose.

But, sometimes, I forget. 

For me, writing is not something I try to whip up because I’m looking to write the next great work of fiction or non-fiction that will climb the New York Times Best Sellers List and win me applause and approval.

But, sometimes I forget. 

For me, writing is not about how many likes, shares, followers or tweets I have.

But sometimes I forget.

The first time I pressed publish and spilled my words out into the world-wide web, it wasn’t because I was sure anyone would read them, it didn’t matter, because I had finally acknowledged the nudging from within and took a step of faith. I only knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was to share the story I had, the insights given freely.

I had no plan, but  I had a purpose. It was from my purpose the words began to press from within and bubble over.

I resisted for a long time. I let doubt darken my stepping out to share the words from within. But once I stepped out, there was the joy that can only come from a place of obedience.

Why does one paint? Why does one dance, run, sculpt? Why does one create?

Simply put, because we are created by one who is the Creator of all. In each one of us He longs to express His creativity and divinity through our finite, imperfect selves.

He gives and takes away…and all we can say, is Yes, as you will, Lord. Or No.

For me, writing is life.

It’s not about getting all the words right. Not to say that I don’t want to do that…but it’s so much more. 

I’ll see you tomorrow with the next post.

Join me, as I share a bit about Writing Redeemed and what it means for me…and perhaps you.

It’s not too late to join in with your own Write 31 Days  journey…head over and check out the details. Feel free to join me and many others on this journey.

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