Love is in the Air (Prompt 1/21)

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“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”  Jane Austen


Welcome to Prompt 1 of 21 Days of Journaling in July. Take a breath, read the prompt and see what moves you…or what motivates your pen to move. Grab your journal and a choice beverage, find a favorite place to write, and make yourself comfortable to just be still and enjoy wherever your mind goes.


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Prompt 1: Write about how you met your significant other. Don’t get stuck in making it a perfect recollection; recall what is precious, amusing and unique! Have fun remembering. 


1. Write a short story or vignette in which your main character meets their significant other. Have fun letting your imagination dream up the characters, the setting and every creative detail as you wish!

2. Write a letter to your future (or current) Spouse. What do you want to tell them about yourself, your hopes, and dreams for the future, marriage and family (or the journey thus-far).

3. Write about your first crush/first love.


* Recall in detail a special memory shared with your special someone. Whether date, observation, confrontation, or unique occasion, Write it down. In detail. Enjoy the process. Challenge yourself to remember and write out the smallest detail.

* Rewrite your Romance…Here’s an opportunity to dream into life what you’d like to do differently to enrich your relationship. What can you so to deepen your love and connection with your other half/significant other ? Be bold and write it down. Focus on what YOU  can do!

Have fun, choose the main prompt in Bold or another option based on your mood today! There are no rules, whatever strikes your fancy…just open your journal and write. You are welcome to write on the quote or image pictured above.

PS: And yes, you can tweak the prompts. As a fellow journal writer just said to me once, (ahem, Lynn M.) “There is no wrong way to journal!”




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Happy Journaling!


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