Devil in the Cafe (Poet and Painter Collaboration)

Devil in the Cafe
Painting by Marisol McKee


January fourth, I packed up my bag, journals, pens and Tablet, headed to a local coffee shop determined to focus and write…preferably simultaneously.  Snow flurries fell outside as I sipped my hot brewed inspiration anticipating a multitude of epiphanies. I was hoping to muster up at least a few sentences.

Unfortunately, a gentleman set himself up beside me with his laptop, and the minute he plugged in, somehow, my own internet connection was impacted. It was mysterious, odd and a tad bit frustrating. Naturally, I turned to poetry. Because what’s a girl to do when the devil shows up at the coffee shop. But, that wasn’t the end of the story…


Devil in the Cafe

Sitting in the Cafe
life while
Sipping Latte-

the devil makes his way
to the table beside me

No cape, horns
yet I sense the appetite
in this apprentice
of darkness

he sets himself to tapping
away on his laptop
disrupting my connection

Closing my Tablet
I shield my heart-

Angelic swordsman
stands invisible
at my side
at the ready.

Let this cafe devil
have his tiny victory
for the war
has been won.

I stand with an eternal army-
strong, confident in life,
victorious in death.


After I penned the poem, I shared it with the very talented Marisol McKee. Knowing her work, and from our contact and communication in groups, I felt she would be able to conjure up something most reflective of the incident I captured in words. Either that or I figured she’d think I was a loony bird. I was willing to risk it- and I am so overjoyed I did! She agreed, and through the winter months, snowy days and slow going steps of layer upon layer, sketch upon sketch and all sorts of processes all creatives go through, produced a powerful piece revealing another expression of the event in the Coffee Shop.

Since both of us have been on a Social Media break, she was sure to send me progress pictures and reports through the whole process. It was inspiring and quite fascinating, to this word girl, watching the steps from the first layer of paint, to the end result.

Marisol, has the piece up on Fine Art America and prints, greeting cards and even tote bags are available for purchase. I am excited, thrilled, honored and proud to have been able to share in this endeavor with my fellow creative, Marisol McKee.


Marisol pictured in her West Virginia studio.





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8 thoughts on “Devil in the Cafe (Poet and Painter Collaboration)

  1. Glorious! This is the joy I had as my illustrator took my story text and crafted 33 pages of illustrations bringing my Bugaboo-Bee to life! You’ve discovered a fab talent in Marisol! I think you should collaborate on a chap book!!!!!! ❤ Hey friend–missed you. I posted for the first time in six weeks this week–had to take a break to finish the book. Hope to connect soon–I'm launching a new guest writer feature and hope I can count you in!!!! ❤


  2. I liked this. 🙂

    Also, love Marisol’s angry bas-relief (?) bunny in the background. There’s an endearing quality to that shot!


  3. How awesome is that?! To have pictures put with your words….wonderful! (I have to say I amazed by how much this looks like some of my daughter-in-law’s work… least the devil side of it does. Her (my dil) work is very dark.

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  4. Always great! Ive been on a break and kind of still am. In and out but trying not to stay for hours 🙂 ❤


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