The Gift of Soul Security for Insecure Times (Faith ‘n Friends Post)



Hello, Friends!

Have you ever gathered around a table at the coffee shop with friends and enjoyed a nice cup of something steamy and great conversation? Well I am here to invite you to a new place to gather for some faith-based sharing in the blogosphere called Faith n’ Friends. I am excited and honored to be part of this new team of writers. I am looking forward to connecting with many as we share the journey travelling our unique paths…together!



I want to thank Deb Wolf , our former 5 Minutes for Faith editor for gathering us, and allowing us to share with you. Perhaps you might be encouraged to take a step of faith yourself, and share your own journey with a guest post!

My first post is up and I know you will not want to miss my “To Do List” …for Soul Security in Insecure Times!

I will start you reading here, then you can pop on over there to finish:


The  brightly colored gift bag hung from my door greeting  me with the letters, P-E-A-C-E. The colors   danced across the bag with inviting allure. I removed the bag from the door handle, wondering what was inside and who had left it, made my way in and curiously opened the card contained within my serendipitous discovery.

The card was signed by a dear friend and the gift was a belated birthday present. I was so excited with the first gift of stationary, I did not realize there was a second gift wrapped tightly in tissue paper tucked a bit deeper within the bag. I only discovered my second gift, when I was about to fold the bag and toss the tissue paper. I felt something very hard as I gathered the wrappings, and quickly realized there was a second surprise. Go to Faith ‘n Friends to continue reading…

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