The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8
The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

Today, I sought a word to help shape my focus and week. We returned home from our Maine vacation aware of all the latest news despite having no TV or internet service for a week. Let me tell you the peace of mind that accompanies this lack is worth the effort. I know news is important, I know we can’t stick our heads in the sand, but the appetite for news feeds and soundbites will leave you malnourished and depleted of optimism toward your fellow man. Devouring words from the world’s outlets will create a soulless, superficial, bitterness that will be hard to displace. I’m learning to be very careful where I place my focus and what I invest my time attending to… I made it to church this past Sunday after our short but full family vacation. Rested. Refreshed. Renewed. Of course with piles of laundry, but life is full of endless piles of dirty laundry and that is something to rejoice about. I may have just spit up in my mouth a little when I wrote that, but I am sticking with that statement.

Our pastor preached a message on the book of Philippians and it was so timely. He created a word for something we all need to remember about God’s sovereignty. It’s supposed to be secret, but I am a blabbermouth. Blogger, blabbermouth…same difference. Basically if you say or do anything in the presence of a blogger it is possible it will end up in the blogosphere.

So the word was Inspite-Ability. Check out the sermons here – the sermon from Sunday the 28th should be up soon if you want to listen. I suggest you do. It is something you will want to hear.) He came up with it while preparing for and pondering, I am sure, the message he preached. Inspite-ability is based on the reality of God’s character and truth. The take home for you and me?

“God is able to work in spite of circumstances…and the battle belongs to the Lord, we just need to remain faithful to Him.”

I was grateful to come home to such a timely message. God has not left “the building”, or His throne. I wonder why Christians talk and behave as if God’s feathers are ruffled. The human race pulls no punches on the Almighty. It brought me back to what my heart knows, but sometimes forgets. It reminded me that God is so much bigger than our circumstances. He is outside the boundaries of our time. We are bound by time, He is not. Clearly our focus needs to be fixed on the one who is the holder of timeless truths.

Oh, and my word? The word I mentioned at the start of this post…it is a word that I am trusting to define my week: Imperturbable.

Here is the definition: adjective; unable to be upset or excited; calm. “an imperturbable tranquility” synonyms: self-possessed, composed, calm, cool, and collected, coolheaded, self-controlled, serene, relaxed, unexcitable, even-tempered, placid, phlegmatic; unperturbed, unflustered, unruffled; informal unflappable, unfazed, nonplussed, laid-back; rare equanimous “the guide dogs are trained to be imperturbable”

Maybe we need to take our cue from the calm guide dogs and not the ruffled chickens, ourselves. God is not moved. He is not displaced, or surprised at one single occurrence. God is unflustered.

Rest assured, when we continue to worship, praise and exalt Him…He will be magnified. When we prefer to wage fleshly battles and resort to do “His work” in our strength, we are doomed, as history repeatedly shows. May we remember that His ways are not always the most obvious…and they rarely resemble the ways of the world. May we seek Him individually, and corporately in prayer first and foremost, and heed His voice when and if He gives marching orders.

For the battle is not ours, but God’s.

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    1. Thank you my friend…it really was not what I wanted to write…it just sort of ended up there…Sometimes I do not know where the words will end up from where they start! Thanks for reading.


  1. “Unruffled” love that word Dawn. A young friend sent me a similar FB comment the other day about rest. I believe we are both on the same quest and hearing the same direction from the same source. Love you and so happy you had a good break.


  2. Good thoughts from you and your pastor and so timely. I am trying to step back from Facebook a bit right now. The negativity is really getting to me. Everyone is shouting “LOVE” but I’m seeing very little of it from either “side.”

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  3. Loved reading – and pondering – your words…saved it on my computer so I could do so when I had the time, and “frame-of-mind” to read it!! There HAS been a lot of “love” and “negativity” all over FB and I sometimes just want to step back too…thanks for sharing your words today Dawn!!


  4. Preach it Dawn! Excellent. Not only the “inspite-ability” concept, but also the idea that listening exclusively to secular sources of news can leave me with a bad taste in my mouth (more than thinking about the piles of dirty laundry after vacation) toward my fellow humans and where history seems to be progressing. Thanks. (PS, we just got back from California and Utah and I’m on my third load, how ’bout you?)


  5. I love the new word, imperturbable and the visual of the guide dog not getting ruffled by chickens. Good reminder to keep our focus on Him!


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