Moms Don’t Have Five Minutes For Faith?

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I have had the privilege of writing alongside fellow bloggers from around the world for a sister site of 5 Minutes for Moms for the past few years. 5 Minutes for Faith, along with 5 Minutes for Books, is one of the offshoots of this website that encourages readers with bite-sized posts written especially with busy moms in mind.

As a new blogger seeking to stretch my writing limbs, I began guest posting periodically for 5 Minutes for Faith in fall of 2012. What a wonderful opportunity to write with likeminded ladies on a subject I was passionate about and zealous to share. The opportunity for editorial feedback and meeting friends who also loved to write was exciting. Shortly after a few of my posts, the opportunity to write as a regular contributor arose and I stepped into the role, honored to be part of such an excellent and dedicated team of mostly mom writers who wore multiple hats and served in many ways.

This past April, Susan and Janice, the moms who run the sites made the decision to no longer publish the 5 Minutes for Faith blog. Although I was disappointed as I am sure many others were, I understand hard decisions about the best things sometimes need to be made.

I have decided to take a look back and thank God for all that He has allowed me to share and receive through 5MFF and for the ways He grew my faith, writing life, and fellowship opportunities, all with a little website and a few faithful women.

If you are new to blogging, don’t be shy! Reach out and find likeminded friends to share the journey with and don’t be afraid to stretch  your own limbs, and share your writing in new and wonderful places. You never know what opportunities, adventures and new friends await.!

Writing is a journey. Blaze your own trail, make your own path. Find friends to keep good company with along the way and enjoy the process…you are becoming the writer you’ve always wanted to be!

Feel free to peruse the posts I wrote there and the most hilarious first attempt at a Bio. Here is a post I wrote that I like on Savoring the Good. If you find a particular post there you like, whether from me or another be sure and share it.Each of the writers offers a unique faith perspective which is sure to encourage you.

Although no new material will be published, I assure you that there is a plethora of well written devotional material there for your edification and Susan and Janice are keeping the site available for readers to continue to be blessed. I hope you will take some time to enjoy the many contributions offered there.

As a final thought with regard to all that has been which will be no more – I leave you with the quote below which so aptly describes how I feel.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

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4 thoughts on “Moms Don’t Have Five Minutes For Faith?

  1. “Writing is a journey. Blaze your own trail, make your own path. Find friends to keep good company with along the way and enjoy the process”
    Very well said. I will have to look at the archives.
    Stopping by from the Inspire Me Monday hop, come say hi 🙂

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  2. Hmm I didn’t even know that site existed… too bad I caught it on this end of the line. But you are right about having to reach out to others in the blogging world and stretch yourself in your writing. Thanks for sharing Dawn!


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