When the Cat Pukes on Your Planner


I know what you’re probably thinking to yourself…EW- who would ever write about cat puke on  anything, let alone their planner.

Well, friends, welcome to my world. It’s a place that is fun to visit, but if you are queasy, you do not want to live here with me. Quite honestly, I think God has unique ways of communicating with His children. I know that for me, when there is a point to be made or a lesson that I need to learn, God clearly shares when His ways and my ways are not in alignment. Sometimes this is a messy lesson for me.

Today, I am at my friend, Amelia’s blog sharing a few planner tips for my planner pals and anyone who enjoys gleaning messy life lessons from afar!

Amelia’s blog is called My ADHD Life – now you see why we are friends, right? Click on over and read my post there.

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3 thoughts on “When the Cat Pukes on Your Planner

  1. Points well made. From your photo, it looks like the regurge I am always finding on the carpet, sometimes barefoot. Ah, but the joy of a truly well-nurtured hairball, especially in the middle of the bed – yeah. . . that’s why thry’re the cats, and we are just staff, MOL.


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