A Week’s Worth of Jesus?

photo credit: End of Day via photopin (license)
photo credit: End of Day via photopin (license)

 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

I am on a journey through the Gospels this Lent Season via Margaret Feinberg’s Lent Challenge. 4 Gospels, 40 days, and here I am wrapping up week 1 and feeling more in love with my Savior than ever before.

See, reading the Bible is not burdensome. But, being a Christian who makes no time for Jesus makes no sense at all to me. You want to feel burdened as a Believer? Ignore God’s Word, don’t pray and tell yourself you are too busy carrying your burdens to spend time with God.

Of course Jesus offers to carry those burdens, but you go just ahead and trudge along carrying them yourself. Friend, that is just foolishness!

If you want to carry your burdens, be my guest but don’t blame God when you’re weary from it.

The thing is we are all busy. We all have the same amount of time in a day. We all have to choose how we will slice up that day according to our priorities. And the bottom line is we get off track. We do. I do and you do. Unless of course you’re a Pharisee….

That’s a whole other blog post.

Listen, if the people of God wandered in the desert because they were a bit thick-headed (God said it, not me- and actually he used the term Stiff-necked, which is Hebrew for thickheaded….OK, I made that up but you get the point) about yielding their will despite seeing some pretty big miracles, why do we think we are above wandering needlessly? We’re not above it or beyond it. And the only cure I know for stiffneckedness, thickeheadedness and all the related symptoms is a steady dose of Jesus. And the only place you can get straight up Jesus is in the Gospels.

If you want to know Jesus better you need to read what He said. In doing this one small act you will hear Him clearly, today.

Having a hard time hearing God’s voice? Read His Word.

Feeling far from God? Read His Word.

Not sure how to pray? Jesus will show you…in His Word.

Feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances, worn down…weary? Hope is found in His Word.

Why not get alone with God and bring those burdens to him?

Just go ahead and drop your baggage at His feet. 

I was going through a difficult season in life many moons ago when a friend offered these words to me, “Dawn, God hasn’t gone anywhere. You have.”

He was right. I was pretty mad at God about the circumstances in my life and figured I could do a whole lot better calling the shots. As a matter of fact, I met with this friend to tell him what a terrible Christian he was and ironically God used him to make me realize I was the terrible Christian at the moment and I was the one who had derailed. I needed humbling and an attitude adjustment. God also revealed to me, He was fully capable of dealing with my friend and my business was to focus on getting my own life in order, not being a self-righteous, finger-pointing Pharisee.


This is what 15 minutes of Scripture gets you…hard, but beautiful truth. 

It’s painful, but it’s better than living life carrying all the stuff Jesus so willingly offers to take off our hands.

Got burdens? Get a Savior. No really, He wants them.

Are you joining in the journey?

I am hoping to share some of my insights in the days ahead.

I would love to hear yours…

And one more thing, if you haven’t started yet, It’s Never To Late…to JUMP RIGHT IN! Start from now, don’t worry about catching up…


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7 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Jesus?

  1. Reminded once more that my favorite story in Scripture is the woman with the issue of blood. That is my whole story, “If I can but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be healed”.


  2. Dawn! This is so rockin” awesome–to discover a Christian gal, who loves the Lord Jesus + journals = my twin sister!! LOL! I do indeed love our Lord hugely, and I love to physically ‘off-load’ my day onto the pages of my journal. Technically, I’ve been journaling over 30 years; however, because my very poor choice in a ‘boy’-friend, I wound-up losing all previous volumes of my journals. Now, since 2012, I am back journaling afresh. YYYiiippppp!!


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