Motherhood Minus Social Media (#5MFF)

My daughter in a borrowed baby back pack enjoying the ride with mom.


As a single, working mom I toted and doted over my one and only girl. I carried her on my chest, on my back and in my heart. As a Personal Trainer/Director, Fitness Instructor and breastfeeding mama in an all women’s gym, I enjoyed a lot of love and support during this season. My Girl was doted on and toted by many women in the environment we spent our days in from the beginning.

I taught a class or two with her on my back, and she was the little star princess in her mama’s eyes. There was a lot of advice. When you are in an environment of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters doling out advice as an occupation, encouraging, advising and directing women, in their health and fitness, you end up with a lot of advice and encouragement reciprocated…freely. It’s kind of what women do…we are natural-born sharers.

Today, I am over at 5 Minutes for Faith, as I contemplating the early days of motherhood….

I hope you will join me  as I share on Motherhood Minus Social MediaClick Here to Read There!

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  1. Really enjoyed your post over at 5 Minutes of Faith. I agree totally, and sometimes have said, “I don’t like social media… Except for ministry and connecting with other Jesus Lovers.” I freelance write and some is on social media, so that makes me stay away from it more than most people I think. 😉 Great post. So needed today for moms who think keeping up isn’t with the Joneses anymore but with other Christians. It breaks my heart to see that.


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