The Only (Real) Happy Ending @ 5 Minutes for Faith


Recently, I listened to a friend share with me about an ongoing series of trials that seemed to have the family under siege. She could not  perceive the good that God might be working in the very painful, not so pretty realities surrounding her life in the current season. I get it. I’m still getting it. How often do circumstances arise with a fairy Godmother in tow, ready to make everything perfect for us in every way?

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4 thoughts on “The Only (Real) Happy Ending @ 5 Minutes for Faith

  1. Yay! I have found you again!! Looks like we are both in transition this past year – and I’m on WP now, too – only you have really got some things going here girl that I haven’t the faintest idea about! After having a professional migrate me from blogger to WP in September, I have been spending the last 7 months trying to figure out this plug-in thingy and all the more complex bells and whistles of WP life. It’s as though I lost all my blogger followers – had over 200 – and I’m starting from scratch again. You site looks great – love all the wonderful new things you’re up to! I have til midnight left on my NEW LINKY I started this month – marking 3 years blogging. Do stop over and link in one of your best and brightest posts – or more – from this past month. You can read all about it here:
    Now – want to stay connected better – need to master this social media thingy. I really don’t get how to use them efficiently. I’m in training. Tips are welcome
    Be ye blessed as you creatively communicate Christ!!


    1. My sweet Miss Kathy-how I have missed you and so relate to your current blogging experience!! Do you have Skype? Maybe we can have a Skype chat . I would love to know about the migrating – I just left my blog up as I did not want to pay to have it pulled over. It still gets more visits daily! And I also am still kinda starting from scratch, but I love it! WHen I tried to work a deal to trade services with a blog designer instead of cash, it just did not happen. So I just did the best I could and here I am. Oh, well, truly their loss. But thankfully, my gain! God is SO faithful and good! Life goes on… and I am thrilled to re-connect. Love your new place!


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