Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore: An Online Prayer Journey

I invite you to join me starting February 1, 2014 in working out with this wonderful prayer devotional tool: Whispers of Hope- 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore

How would you like to go deeper in your prayer life?
Could you benefit from a weekly check in as you attempt to grow in your personal prayer time? 
Do you wish you could be more faithful in interceding for others? 
Do you sometimes forget to pray for yourself?
Do you wish there was a way you could fit in Bible reading and prayer instead of feeling like you skim on one to accomplish the other?
Then join me in the journey!
Make no mistake about it, our personal prayer time is crucial to our spiritual lives. Although I believe there are no formulas, there are effective tools that help us to grow in the discipline of prayer. Not unlike training at the gym for health, we will follow plan of action for 70 Days and allow God to use Beth Moore’s simple prayer acronym PRAISE to grow us into the faithful women of prayer we long to be. 
If you want to read a really great review of this book, please check out this one on Goodreads by Abby. 
How will we do it?
1. Hopefully you will let me know that you are joining in by commenting “I’m in” on the first post, which will go live Saturday, February 1. 
2. We will be individually going through the daily readings and praying privately, in our own prayer closets. 
3. Each weekend I will post a Check In blog post dedicated to…well, checking in! We can share what we are learning, challenges, praises and obstacles along the path. This will be a great opportunity for you to chime in, get support, or encouragement from one another! I really want you (and me) to commit to this journey. It is a ten week journey, but we will be on the path together. That means 10ish meetups via the weekend blog post. 
4. E-mail me at any time with questions dawn.paoletta@gmail.com
5. I want to have a special celebration at the end of the 70 days for those who commit and stay the journey. I am still pondering this but if you join me on this journey, all the way through I will have a special something for you at the end. Details later. Consider it a participation/accountability reward! Allow yourself to participate weekly and be held accountable and help others be encouraged and held accountable (we need each other to get through!) and I will share a very special something to celebrate and commemorate the journey at the end! 
What do I do in the meantime?

1. Check out and purchase Beth Moore’s book “Whispers of Hope”. There is space to write in the book itself. If you prefer you can buy it on Kindle, and use a journal or notebook for the prayer space you need. The spaces are a few lines in the book, so consider that. Perhaps, take a peek inside before you determine what will work for you. 
2. Pray about the upcoming 70 days and ask God to bless your commitment. Pray for those who will be on the journey with you, that God would help us all in the same way and grow us in the process. 

What if I’m not sure if I can do this?

First, I would say, pray and see if this is the right time and opportunity. Examine your own spiritual life and schedule to see if this is a time that you might work out that spiritual prayer muscle! If not, that’s OK! 
We need your prayers! 
 I am asking for anyone who is willing to pray for this online endeavor. If you are willing to do this will you please let me know either through e-mail or a comment? Just say ” I’m praying”. 
If you will pray as God leads maybe on a specific day for us, that would be a tremendous gift, sacrifice and blessing. 
I so appreciate it, friends! 
I am looking forward to this journey! 
*I want to note that I actually won a copy of this book and just love the format, and look forward to going through this journey with you! I am not ahead, as I have tucked it away to start on February 1! I I did not receive any compensation for promoting this book; I just think it will be a great opportunity to experience and share it here with you all!
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11 thoughts on “Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore: An Online Prayer Journey

  1. I need to pray about this before committing. I'm already doing her Breaking Free study with the women at church and when it's done we'll jump into another, plus there is the Tuesday night study of the O.T. I need to talk to God about whether I should take on another.


  2. That sounds wise, Stacy. As a note, this is more of a personal prayer time tool, more than a study, if that helps. But, I concur, please pray and make sure that it is a blessing not a burden! Also take a look at the layout of the book, that could help you as well! Either way, go with God ,my friend. How are you doing with the ROOT journal Project?


  3. Hi Dawn, It's nice to be here again. 🙂 How are you? I didn't know Beth Moore had a devotional by that name. Enjoy! I appreciate her bible study books too. Jennifer Douganwww.jenniferdougan.com


  4. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Don't think I can participate but I'm thinking I should get this book at some point. I've read another of Beth's books and it was a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing the info with us. Have a wonderful week! 🙂


  5. Okay–got my copy, read the intro but will wait to begin Saturday. I also picked up a new little sketchbook and think I'm gonna journal out the prayers in there rather than in the book itself–and make it all arty and pretty…that be the plan anyway! Looking forward to the journey! ((Hugs!!))


  6. I've been anxiously awaiting the beginning of this journey. Purchased the book last month & had to put it away until now. I got it out this week & studied the introduction with my usual underlining. The idea of using a journal or binder for my journaling instead of the book is very appealing — or maybe doing it on computer as a scrapbook page each day. Whatever way I decide to go, I'm looking forward to joining you on this adventure.


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