#1000 Gifts and Counting – New Journal Reveal!

My 2014 Joy Dare- counting blessings daily. 
My (not so) Secret journal is one I began with many, along with Ann Voskamp. I dedicated a small notebook to the exclusive task of the counting. 
By my bedside is where I prefer it. But, on a bad day, or a desperate one, I’ll grab it and take it with me. I toss it in the book bag, or purse. Because when I feel least grateful, and the storms are kicking up, and when I lose sight of God. I do this one thing. I look hard and seek. I start my counting and it saves me. It is this continued practice…that keeps me, and my eyes heaven-bound, instead of bound by the things on earth that bind me. 
Yes, I’m a little late in my jumping back into this particular journal activity, but after looking at the fancier ones, I set my feet to the drugstore and once again purchased a simple Cambridge-Mead Notebook– This particular one is just the right size for me to hold and write in anywhere. It has a heavy card-stock cover which is great for my ModPodge collage cover. It also has a pocket, although I did not use it much, but one never knows. It has 140 pages and measures 7 in x 4 3/8 in. 
I actually also kept an online count separately- on Mondays, but I am unsure if I will continue. The Monday post, that is, not the counting!
I don’t do the three a day that Ann prompts, but I just count away as they come! 
Here is the first journal dedicated exclusively to the counting to 1000 and beyond. 
After perusing many fancier journals, this habit gently nudged me to stay with the simple spiral bound notebook that escorted me through my first counting of thousands…
Side by side, new and old.  

The first gifts...

My last counted gift…onward! 
Will you be keeping a Blessing or Gratitude Journal this year? 
Will you count your blessings?
Will you take this Joy Dare– right where you are?

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Dawn Paoletta is a life enthusiast who loves to juggle words, chug coffee, and journal excessively. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She enjoys hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets in Narragansett, RI and shares her passion, poetry and prose @Enthusiastically, Dawn.

4 thoughts on “#1000 Gifts and Counting – New Journal Reveal!

  1. I keep my list on my NEO. Last year I started toward the end of May and got to over 600 by New Years, I receive her blog my e-mail. I liked her prompt list and printed it off for my prayer group that meets two times a week. I am short one at the moment of the goal of an average of three a day.


  2. Dawn- I am your neighbor today at SDG! I just started a gratitude list in a journal during Advent…I have keep gratitude lists and tried the 3 a day with Ann…but this year I sensed the Spirit asking me to dedicate a journal to the process…it's a cute little thing that I got at a artsy craft show…it's cover is made out of a BINGO card…I think it's significant…because BINGO is a cry of celebration and winning and I think that's what cultivating a list of gratitudes can represent…hmmm maybe I will blog about this! Thanks for sharing yours! I LOVE how you kept it simple and inviting to YOU! Hugs-Kel


  3. Thanks for sharing how you count blessings…LOVE your mod-lodge journal cover, Dawn! I list mine on my phone memos, then copy to journal when I get longish list. You've encouraged me to continue this life-changing practice inspired by Ann's best-seller 🙂


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