The Twelve Days of Fitness (Fitting in Fitness in December)

Fitting in Fitness in December. It’s kinda like bowling- upside down and backwards…but worth it in the end. You may not get all the pins down BUT you’re likely to hit a few just for the trying.

Well, here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause, right down Santa Clause Lane… ’tis the season to be jolly and all but hold on to your chestnuts- I’m no Scrooge, and I do want you to have a wonderful holiday season, however for those of you who may be dreaming of a White Christmas, I want to remind you that during this season of merry and bright, we want to fight the good fight! The good fight of faith AND fitness. I want to propose a little challenge for you during December. It’s simple, not too hard and still leaves you plenty of time to rock around the Christmas Tree!

I propose to you the 12 Days of Fitness as a way to be sure and take some time for health and fitness (while making merry).

Here’s why?

1. The holidays can take us way off track with our eating and exercise habits so a plan in place is a reasonable solution.

2. Planning to fit in fitness will help counteract the extra calories you might per chance happen upon: those Christmas Cookies!

3. Gaining a head start on your New Years Resolution- it will be MUCH easier to fit fitness in in January if you have a head start now.

4. Incremental steps in lifestyle change usually are easier to adopt and maintain.

5. Fitting in fitness is possible in every season- keep it simple, adaptable, and realistic.

So is all you need to do is find ways to fit activity that moves you into your day, at least 12 times in December. It has to work for you. Treadmill, dog walk, jump rope, hop scotch…yoga, spin class, a jog around the neighborhood. Bowling, boot camp, ice skating, hiking, Pilates. In the gym, in your living room or basement. In your office, bedroom or backyard. Your body is made to move. This month it may be harder to squeeze in, but you can do it. Turn on the music and move…whatever works!
Aim for 12 times. 
Twelve opportunities for loving your body with movement. Nourishing your health with bending, flexing and stretching. Strengthening your body and sending your mind and heart the positive message that YOU matter, and your body deserves a bit of attention. 
Think of it as you would caring for that car you own. Check out the  maintenance manual for your car and you will be amazed at the detailed schedule. Your car requires specific maintenance and care and if you do not do what is required it always costs, down the road. Let’s not neglect our bodies, nor do we want to prioritize the caring of them to excess. But a balanced, healthy, consistent “maintenance plan”, seems reasonable, as much for bodies as cars!

So how will you fit fitness in this month?

If you want to read some really great posts on fitness, or get some ideas for fitting in fitness check out this link: 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness!

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