The Do Nothing In November Challenge Starts Today! (DNINC-Hooray!)


Welcome to my challenge, the Do Nothing In November Challenge. Because I am having a nervous breakdown trying to choose which challenge to participate in and well, hey- since I am already late, may as well just start my own.

If you are fed up with every single thing having to be a statement or a challenge, feel free to join me for Doing Nothing In November Challenge. Yup, it’s no pressure, and you will not feel like a failure when you bail in two days, because…here is the awesome part: If you do NOTHING this month, it’s OK!

Oh, one more thing. There is no link-up. There is no post. There is nothing to do. At all. Just be. OK?

Um. I think I am finished now. I’m not cooking dinner tonight, either. So there. Um, no offence hon. Take out? Because, I am doing this challenge…

I’ve officially lost my mind. If you find it, feel free to call my husband. He usually finds all my lost stuff for me.

On another note: I wish the best to all my friends who did commit to something in November. You have my prayers, love and support. You also are excused from my DNINC, see? No added pressure. I know, pretty sweet, right?

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2 thoughts on “The Do Nothing In November Challenge Starts Today! (DNINC-Hooray!)

  1. Hahahaha! LOVE this! Well for the last 2 hours I put on some music (Porcelain, thanks for the recommendation!) and I managed to write one of my assignments and send it in and invoice the client. BAM! And now I want to register for for DNINC!! ha! Love you my friend!Susie


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