A Few of My Favorite Fitness Things (No Leg Warmers Please)

Well today, I am sharing my favorite and most loved Fitness gadgets. I will say you need none of them. I actually own all of these- but I was not compensated in any way to share these with you. These are honest to goodness, most used and highly favored by yours truly. Exercise equipment unused is not an option. Who needs clutter in their home or who wants to waste money? No-one! The only thing you need to exercise is your body, really, and my MOST USED APPARATUS is actually my mat-ironic, right? We actually have four in the house. I own other exercise stuff BUT I wanted to share with you my honest to goodness most favorite, most used, Best Loved and also Most Shared. These are my favorite time tested, consistently valued exercise things. 
If I had to recommend one fitness gadget that is worth MORE than it’s weight in gold, and will potentially improve your fitness level, measurably (not miserably!), I would choose the Polar Heart Monitor. I like the basic models because I am simple like that. But if you are one of those freaks  one who enjoys a more detailed read on the intensity of your workout, these great gadgets do just about everything! Although I am not a rep for them I recommend their product exclusively, because it is the best- In my (not so humble) opinion. 
I like Big Balls and I cannot lie…
I’ve been told more than once I have a LOT of Balls. I have to agree. I love all size Fitness Balls. 
Big ones, Medium sized, small, Medicine Balls, and mini ones as well. It’s truly the way that I roll. Sometimes. They are versatile and fun. I also love the Bosu (or 1/2 Ball).
Dumbbells. They are not dumb, nor are they for dumb people. However if you drop one on your head, it will hurt AND may cause stupidity- if repeated often. I still love them. Occasionally I use them. I also do like the Bodybar which is basically a cushioned, weighted bar. All Dumbbells, Bars and Weights when used properly, are fantastic tools of the trade. Ask Arnold. 
My favorite Fitness Book ever is The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler. I have read way too many books on weight training, yoga, fitness, etc. This book is worn out, completely. There are many decent fitness books out there, but this book is worn to shreds falling apart useful. By far the best investment I have made. I have used it with teaching and structuring classes and I use it to death at home. 
I have an older model GymBoss Timer. I like it, but confess I have not been using it lately- however for interval training it is great.You can set up your work to rest ratios and the number of sets to perform. It can work as your own tiny trainer. 
A basic exercise mat is what I use most. I have a couple in various thicknesses.
They come in handy and can double as a “prayer mat”. 😉
This Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull-up Bar can be used for a variety of exercise and also has straps.My hubby currently uses it more than me, but that may change soon. Maybe. It is also great on the floor for neutral wrists during push-ups, dips, versatile and does not damage doorway! Reasonably priced.

Exercise Tubing is lightweight, portable, affordable and painfully effective FUN! 
Great- especially for upper body exercises, but I also utilize them for the lower body. 
I have a few fave exercises for hip and butt that are a BLAST. Literally.


The one other standard for me (and my bad feet) is good sneakers. New Balance  and Saucony have worked best for me. I am a wide, flat footed chick. There you have it. I have worn them all in my time, Nike, Adidas, Reebok. I try to grab sneakers when they are on sale.  I usually buy the Women’s Running model. Currently I am doing the Couch to 5K in Saucony Women’s Running Shoes. I have a pair of New Balance back ups. As for you, just take the time to pick a decent and comfortable shoe that works for what you do. Bad shoes can kill a good workout routine, or workout. 

Have you ever bought a Fitness Gadget you didn’t use?
Do you have a gadget you are curious to try? 
What are your favorite, most used fitness gadgets? 

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  1. I would love to have one of the Polar heart monitors. I need to get a fitness mat. I LOVE my fitness ball. Good stuff here.


  2. Thanks for sharing! I need a new pair of walking shoes, and I could use a few of these other gadgets. I need to get off my big bum and get moving.


  3. Barbie, maybe The Be Gentle With Me option would be a good start! I am considering another Fitness Challenge for when we finish which will take us through the Holidays! Maybe this time!


  4. Thanks, Mel. The heart rate monitor is so helpful, to help get the most out of the time you exercise, whether walking or trying to complete an intense bout with a rest bout for circuit or interval training. 😉


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