The Good Sport – When I Tackle My Hubby for Fitness

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Genesis 2:24 

I’ve known my hubby a long time. We met hundreds of years ago, before the internet. We were friends for a long time before we became a couple, and got married. We knew about the different fads and phases each of us had gone through, such as his knife selling phase and my gym phase…oh wait, the gym phase never really did end. That being said today I am taking a look with love  humor, at the many torturous ways my hubby has put up with my experimental or learning “phases” with fitness.

I think my hubby is very strong. Although he is thin (sickening, right? He can eat anything, it’s absurd), he has super strong hands, I actually like to refer to them as “skull crushing”, but fortunately, as far as I know, he has not crushed any skulls yet. Yikes. Anyhoo…and he is strong enough to deal with me- that takes a different level of strength, I believe!

My hubby has never been too much of a gym person, and I like that about him. We were friends before I was a Personal Trainer (although I was his boss when I first met him. Snort.) and he has been there throughout all of the journey. Shortly after I began working at one of the local gyms, I decided my then friend (actually all my then friends) needed to convert to weight training for better health. I was fairly young in my Coaching and also very zealous in my own training, which basically is to say, I was one of those horrible Gym Rat People. I had yet to balance my approach with regard to seperating my fitness goals from the goals of others! I did learn, believe me…but venture with me here, back to the days when I terrified the meek. I really thought everyone was a bodybuilder to be and I just needed to clue them in to the way. Hmmm…God has a sense of humor though, for sure.

My brave hubby, came to the gym and I showed him some exercises. Needless to say, he has never come back to the gym. I know, I know…terrible, but give me a break, I was all of twenty-esh and oh so in the know. Not. He has since forgiven me for that, but he does not like me to train with him, generally, because I am “too picky”.

The next big session we had came many years later. Obviously I could not get him to step foot in the gym again, but he still came to my house. So back in 2000, the staff at the gym I worked at had undergone a Mat Pilates training program. We all had to train, practice, prepare class, demonstrate and explain over the course of the training. I called my then friend, Hon, (Not his real name at that time) and asked if he could stop by so I could “practice” Pilates on him. OK, so I can’t remember if I mentioned that before he came. I might have said, I have something yummy, come on over. It’s all unclear. Either way, since he had no idea what Pilates was at the time, I was safe. He proabably heard: “Come on over I have some delicious Pilates for you, you are gonna love it.” He loves good desserts and food. And Pilates might sound like something edible- ten years ago.

I started with the ‘hundred’. I encouraged him to keep going while I “tweaked” him. I tend to be a bit. Pro-Active and Detailed in my instruction. My hubby describes it more like Bossy and Pushy. Tomato- Tomahto- who’s to say.

There was no permanent damage.

Shortly after that endeavor, I had an idea for a Cardio Ball class. The staff had been trained with the Exer-Balls and I thought a 1 hour class with a cardio portion would be fun. So who do I call?

“How about salads at my place tonight?”

Unsuspecting reply, “Sure.”

Later that evening in my living room, “Those are some big balls you got there.”

“Oh those, yes, here let me show you my new idea and you can practice to see if it seems good.”

I share this all in good humor, my hubby is honestly the best. We have journeyed through many adventures together. And we are currently continuing on the journey as man and wife. God does, have a sense of humor after all…and isn’t ironic that the bossy chick has to submit to the patient student. Indeed. My hub is a good sport and we have a long history together which includes love, laughter and my personal faves: faith, trust and Pixie dust.

More recently, I shared a Yoga Type-Stretch Class on the beach and guess who was there participating?

My hubby is a good sport and I am thankful for our history and our friendship.
Also for his patience.

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8 thoughts on “The Good Sport – When I Tackle My Hubby for Fitness

  1. Hi Dawn! That man was made for you, wasn't he? And I love that photo on the slide. So fun loving, and I think your sense of humor would bear that out.Being in shape is something that I am really working on. Unfortunately, I have had bad experiences with personal trainers. They all think I am about 30 years old, and my shoulders were really disabled by some exercises one gave me. Not worth it. (I know you would have been better!)So I am walking outside, and I'll get back to the gym in the cold weather. Blessings to you this Tuesday!Ceil


  2. Oh Ceil, I am sorry you had a bad PT experience. Which is why I am going to write about what to look for in a PT in the days ahead. I have seen a lot in the gyms over the years. Good trainers, BAD ones, injuries and extremes. God really did help me become a better trainer…and so did my wonderful clients who taught me much, as I grew up in the field. Thanks for always adding something when you stop by! Blessings back at ya! 😉


  3. Thanks for appreciating that, Kel. I think laughter burns lots of calories. And it also works the abs. Let's laugh it up. Maybe a post there- best ab exercise: laughter. True fact!


  4. Firs thing this morning I checked the movement schedule to see what you were gonna make me do today..and I let out an actual groan of pleasure when I saw the word “OFF”. Haha! I like not knowing until the morning I open the file. BUT then here I am doing stretches and squats while reading this hilarious post! Thanks for the calorie-burning laughter this morning, Dawn!Susie


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