Don’t Quit Now, Mom! (On Digging Deeper)

I am on my way to correct the form of one of my students in Boot Camp.
 I start to speak words of instruction and gentle correction; 
but before the words leave my lips, 
I see her eyes averting my eyes, distancing me. 
I feel her feeling me, too close. 
In her space.
 She speaks, and I see her fighting to maintain composure.

 “My arms hurt and
I don’t want to talk about it.” 

She is fighting hard to maintain the pace and we are on the last round.

 Surrounded by college students, I sense her slipping.
 This sweet mother of five is at her breaking point and feeling defeated.
 I give her space and come back with words of encouragement. 
There comes a point where the correction is irrelevant. 

She must get through this…

I remind her she has made it through childbirth five times and that this class is hard,
 but I bank on knowing she has the strength and endurance to get through it.
Sometimes it is about just hanging on for dear life.

The getting through it, 
when it is so hard that you want to cry.
Or quit.
Sometimes a workout OR life can feel like one hard Boot Camp.
We feel like the new recruit who just did not realize what he signed up for
 when he joined the ranks.
The demands are too hard.
Our strength feels to small.
We feel the pain of weakness and want it to stop.
But in the digging deep, we find there is more than we realized that resides within us.
There is a possibility and potential we have yet to tap!
Have you ever felt defeated? 
Lean in and listen.
Dig deeper. 
Deeper still.
You have more within you than you know now. 
Do the thing that is hard and see.
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies within us.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

*Repost (mildly edited)*
One of my fave writes and shares ever. 
I pray it blesses you. 

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