Keeping a Fitness Journal & Random Journal Day Link Up (October 2013)

Welcome to Random Journal Day for October!

Since  the month of October is dedicated to 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness here, I thought this might be a great time to touch upon Fitness Journals. I personally have not found one I like to buy and have always created my own. The most common fitness journal I have used consistently has been the 3 ring spiral bound 3-5 subject notebook-simple and affordable. I used it when I was training for competition, to record my diet and training details. I also suggest this for others who want to track, record, monitor and adjust their exercise and eating habits.

How to make and keep a Fitness Journal

1. Start by listing your Health – Fitness goals. Use the SMART acronym: Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. Check out this great printable FIT FACT sheet from the American Council on Exercise: Reaching Your Goals The Smart Way.

2. You can add your initial assessments and/or measurements. There are many ways we can measure change. I prefer simple performance measures as opposed to scale and tape measure type readings or even over body composition, which tends to get people hyperfocused on numbers. I think measuring aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility are basic tests that are helpful. Some results like not getting winded while going up the stairs, are also worth noting in your journal.

3. Dietary habits– What and how much you eat and drink will help you make changes as needed and also keep you honest. Its amazing what goes into the mouth on a daily basis when we are not even paying attention.

4. Record Exercise– frequency, intensity and duration. Note what time you exercised, how you felt, your energy level. Anything worth noting that impacted your workout!

 5. Add quotes, motivational snippets, scripture, affirmations, dreams. Pictures that you love.
But be careful with images. Be sure they inspire you. Your journal is your own, so unless the person is a very unique role model to you, I would suggest you keep your journal your own special place – You be the star! I recently touched a bit about Body Image.

Have you ever kept a Fitness Journal? 
I also have a Fitness Scrapbook with photos from competition days and some clients as well-just sweet nostalgia. 

* I have included a simple fitness journal for our 31 Day challenge, which I am using daily. 
It is also available through Scribd for free. 

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4 thoughts on “Keeping a Fitness Journal & Random Journal Day Link Up (October 2013)

  1. Hi Dawn! I am so impressed with your dedication to fitness in the next 31 days. You are really inspired! I love your journal ideas, especially the inspirational quotes one. A short, little saying goes a long way.I really should pay more attention to my health too. I will follow you with interest this month!Have a wonderful weekend :)Ceil


  2. ACK! It snuck up on me again!! My journals are full of this fitness info….”I am going to DO IT this time!” and then followed by ….”Well, I blew it again!” BUT I am going to DO IT this time! Ha! Love you Dawn. Susie


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