Week 1: Details (31 Days of Fitting in Fitness)

My sweet daughter “flicking” me from afar during our photo session.
Sweet soon to be teen- love that kiddo!
She takes credit for all the photos for our challenge!

Well here we are at Week 1 for our challenge. I hope you have had a chance to peek at the details but each week I will post the breakdown for both tracks. Remember you can jump in anytime and you can modify as needed. The one thing I will say is write it all down. I have provided a tracking document but you can use your own method, planner, journal or calendar -whatever works. 

My plan for tomorrow (Monday) is to start the C25K program and do the test. But this means I will probably go into my challenge slightly compromised as I have not done much at all over the Summer.
Actually let me rephrase that: my last workouts were more than three months ago…which means my muscles may not be thrilled with my little plan initially. However, since they are made for movement, ultimately they will be overjoyed. Joints over the age of 40 are generally skeptical of these efforts; I am sure we will be having a few words. If you are wondering whether you should do the test, I think I would say NOT if it will set you back at the onset. I just wanted the option available. 
There are 7 total exercises and @10 stretches in the Challenge base. 
My girl did some photos of me modeling the stretches and exercises.
They are not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure when I am rich and famous, I will pay someone to make them go away. Meantime, pardon the greys, but you have me, more real than need be.  BUT hopefully you will have a clue somewhat how the exercise should be performed. 
Anytime Stretch Routine
Follow this sequence for an all over
 body stretch break anytime!
Follow Sequence and Repeat for Each Side
Standing Quadriceps
Standing Calf
Forward Hamstring
Standing Crossover IT
Lateral Bend
Forward Bend
Overhead Stretch
Executive Stretch
Chest opener
Neck/Upper Back/Pray
Test Yourself 
Max Test
Day 1
Day 31
Push Up (as many)
Sit Up (as many)
Wall Sit (as long)
Plank (as long)
Lunge (as many)
Bridge (as many) or (as long)

Be Gentle With Me Option (BGWM)

Get Moving
Day 1
10 Minute Walking
Wall Sit (30 sec)
Day 2
15 Minutes Walking
Quadruped (30 sec)
Day 3
12 Minutes Walking
Plank (30 sec)
Day 4
15 Minutes Walking
Wall Sit (30 sec)
Day 5
10 Minutes Walking
Bridge (30 sec)
Day 6
15 Minutes Walking
Plank (30 sec)
Day 7
Core and More Challenge (CAM) 

Week 1
*Suggested reps/sets
Day 1
Sit Up
1-3 sets 6-20 reps
Day 2
1-3 sets 6-20 reps
Day 3
1-3 sets 6-20 reps
Day 4
Sit  Up, Pushup, Lunge
1-3 sets 6-20 reps
Day 5
Day 6
Plank, Superman, Wall Sit
1 x Hold as long as can each
Day 7
4 sets 8- 20
*To compliment the CAM Challenge I will use the Couch to 5K program: either the treadmill or road version (not sure yet- will decide tomorrow!)

Exercises and Stretches pictures will be posted Monday, September 30th.
I’m already exhausted from all this planning… phew! But you have no worries since you get to follow along, more or less!

Please chime in and share which challenge you will be participating in for the next 31 Days.

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