Just The Exercises (31 Days of Fitting in Fitness)

This post includes the seven basic moves for the 31 Day Fitting in Fitness Challenge. I tried to keep it simple. Take it slow, use control on your movements. Remember 6 excellent moves is better than 15 sloppily executed moves. Naturally, good form in movements is safer as well, so take your time feel for the move and you will get to k now what muscles are working. We will take a closer look at the moves and details on future posts as we go into the 31 Days of Fitness, in the meantime, here are some images to help you get the general picture! Remember to breathe. Listen to your body, and do what you can! My sweet Girl suggested I make a video, but we will have to see about that! For now, let’s take it slow! Hope these help you get started! 

Push Up- Modification 1: Wall Push Up

Modification 2: Knees on floor 

Basic Push Up

Option: The Sit Up as a Roll Down- Try to reverse the sit up and start at the sitting position, slowly sitting back. Only come back until you feel your abdominal muscles engage, then return to top.

Option: Curl shoulders off floor, slide hands to knees, return.
Modified Plank – knees down – 

 Plank – on elbows- start in prior position, lift knees, hold position

Superman : start lying on mat,  

 Modified- one leg/arm at a time, hold at top

Start on all fours for Quadruped alternative to Superman
for strengthening backside of body/core

Raise opposite arm and leg, balance, hold

Wall Sit- modify by depth, feel thighs, do not break parallel. Activate midsection by pressing base of pelvis into wall and keeping hips even. I usually like to have thighs parallel to floor, but I modeled conservatively- you want to feel your thighs, not your knees. 

Lunge options! When performing the lunge, imagine the up and down motion of a carousel horse with your torso. 
Lunge with Chair for Support.

Basic Lunge- step forward, bending both knees, keeping hips even. land on front foot with weight even, push off front foot/leg to return to start, alternate legs.

Can use wall for support if needed

Basic Bridge
For Just the Stretches- click HERE!

You can do this! 

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  1. Thank you for the great images (kudos to your photographer!) and thanks for the good reminders for modified forms. And a high five for NOT Mary Kates right off the hop! One of my favorite mat moves is to go from a superman, into a low V, roll onto back and then forward again with minimal mat contact. Great stretch and helps with balance.Bless you girl for doing this.


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