On Long Walks and Mercy…(5 Minute Friday)

Well, the link for Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Friday is now 10:00 instead of 12 midnight-ish. And guess what? This tired mamma who wants to get her write on found mercy on Thursday night! 
And then I had to save this from Twitter. Because I am sentimental AND I really am horrible at Twitter BUT look, I got a twitter #fmfparty HINT from the Queen of the 5 Minute Write herself! 
So there I was, tired and then BAM. Revived. This least likely to Tweet successfully had 5 minutes of Twitter happiness. Whoohoo. OK. Perfect word. Here we go…Mercy.
There could not be a better word for right now. This night. Almost Friday and today left me feeling completely…done. I never understood how this one thing could take so much right out of a person. I never really understood. But here I stand. Motherhood. Parenting. Call it what you want. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I mean, add to the fact that my daughter actually is convinced that she IS the girl who knows everything. In some ironic twist of fate that leaves my mother chuckling, I am humbled daily by the lessons presented to me. Not on a silver platter. I’m learning painful lessons, that I don’t really want to learn. I mean at least this way. I mean, what mother really wants to take a long walk on a short pier? Who says that? I do. I say it jokingly, but I have learned, it is not something I should not say at all. Because His mercy is present. And lessons are painful, but needful. Humility, patience, perseverance…grace are not just words, but keys to a better way. A way I am still learning. By grace, through faith and all of His mercy moments. 
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14 thoughts on “On Long Walks and Mercy…(5 Minute Friday)

  1. Hi Dawn! I just have to say that the tweets between you two were so cute! Thanks for sharing them.Oy, parenting is such hard work. You are bound to have those days that remind you, that for the mercy of God, you'd be in a puddle on the floor. I know I did!So glad you can chuckle, I don't think I did that very much. Could have used you back then!Peace to you, my friend,Ceil


  2. Hey, I'm new here through Mommy Only Has 2 Hands, I'm not very good at twitter myself. I tend to just throw every blog post on there and deals I come across and hope I'm doing the right thing!


  3. I never realized how difficult parenting would be until I became a mother! It's the best and hardest thing a person can do. Which just shows us a little bit of how much God must love us! Hang in there, Mama. Breathe. Lock yourself in the bathroom. Pray. And start a new day.


  4. And I am learning right alongside you. In all the moments of all the days with lessons sometimes painful. Yet what is learned the hard way is long remembered. And all of it keys opening us to the Best Way…thanks and blessings…


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