Nevertheless (Thoughts on The Will of God)

There is a drum beat in my head as of late, tapping out the words, “The Will of God, The Will of God, The Will of God.” There has been a theme pursuing me, calling after me, causing me to pause and turn my gaze from my  current path. To question my direction, and be sure I travel the way that matters. There is a voice I hear, and it tells me to look up.
My flesh has been drumming up some of it’s own beats, they sound like this: “What about me?”, That’s not fair!”, “But, they are are wrong.” My fleshly objections to the will of God always start with “But” and end with me. Actually, capitalize that: Me. To be more precise, and I quote directly, “But, what about me?”
I have a suspicion God’s Will and my will are so diametrically opposed that it will take a miracle for them to merge into the one. Fortunately, I need not be reminded, that has already been provided. That supernatural, flesh killing, miraculous transformation is painfully and joyfully underway. It started the day I said, Yes to Jesus. It started despite my doubts that anything had actually happened. It began even though I did not understand all of the theology behind the belief. It happened with my teeny, tiny, mustard seed wretchedness. Because spiritual birth occurs not through the will of man, but because of the mercy and miraculous power of God. With a teeny tiny, doubting, kicking and screaming seed, sinners are made saints. Some come more willingly, some come more readily, some are just knocked right off their high horses. Some make the journey more smoothly than others, and some are rebellious even in the safety of the Father’s loving eternal arms.
Most come to this place thinking they know the Will of God. It usually looks a lot like their top three wishes. But in the hands of a God who molds, and forms souls for eternal purposes, these desires must be laid at the feet of the One who knows now and forever. As for some (myself included) some things must be taken from clenched tight hands, like dangerous toys in the hands of a child. Transformation is a painful process. Knowing God is not like finding a Genie in a bottle. He is not here to grant all of our wishes. God is not our Magic Wand. Although, I am convinced, more than ever, some believe that is what He is, exactly.
When I first became a Christian, my biggest desire was right in front of me. Two “perfect”candidates. I believed that since I was now a Christian, this must mean I have hit the My Way or the Highway Jackpot. I assumed God must want me married to one of these perfect candidates, of course, because I was consumed with the desire to be married and get on with the happily ever after I assumed marriage was going to be. Um, no. Not so much. It would be about ten years later before God revealed who my husband would be, and when He did, it was the least likely person I would have expected. Besides that, I thought I misunderstood Him or (gasp) He had it wrong. But He made it clear. After my first round of Assuming God’s Will for Christians 101, I went on to do the same, again and again with different aspects of my life.
See the fact is Jesus did not say to the Father, on that fateful night, in the Garden of Gethsemane, “By the way, I have a better idea for this whole eternal salvation thing, hear me out, Dad. Plus, I don’t have to die that brutal death on the cross. I am having some second thoughts about that whole deal, let’s have a little win-win, shall we?” No friends, He said “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.” (Matthew 26:39)
Nevertheless. The power of one word to change the direction of humanity. God’s Will is not like a slow curve on the road. It is like a sharp veering off the road. Make that a cliff. It is a radical departure from your cozy, comfy presumptions about how your life should be, and all that you should have, and all of your happily ever after dreams. Beyond that it is more painfully, beautifully, graciously better than anything you can imagine. In ways you cannot fathom-Not because it is perfect. It won’t be. But perfect is coming, down the road anyway. In His time.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

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6 thoughts on “Nevertheless (Thoughts on The Will of God)

  1. What a lovely blog, post & photo. Being in the center of God's will is the best blessing we could ever have. May we be willing to trust Him.God bless,Laurie from Saved by Grace


  2. Oh wow, so much to chew on here. Even though my mouth cries, “You're will be done Lord”, I often wonder if I truly am seeking after His will. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and linking up!


  3. I think its pretty bold for a person to say they know the will of God in their life. I for certain, know I can't do anything but open my heart and let him in and listen to what he wants me to do. Great post as always!


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