He Sustains (5 Minute Friday: Small)

“For who has despised the day of small things?…”
Zechariah 4:10
Who has despised the day of small things? I am waving my hand wildly, “Me!, Me! I have.”
It’s taking me most of my life to kick against the goads of my own attitudes of thanklessness which permeate my mind like dark clouds. Who has despised the day of small things? I have. So why is it so hard to recognize that which I have also been guilty of when it storms right up into my face in the attitude of this one child? And I am starting to understand this thing, love. His love, like precious rain that pours down on dry ground, starting as a trickle, culminating into a downpour. That which is not within me, is within me, because He lives and moves and has His being in me. And when it is too much, I am coughing, choking, parched, He rains his love down on me, all around me, pouring out sweet salvation, grace and redemption on my weary soul, and I smile. Because even in the desert places He does sustain. 

* Happy Friday, Friends! Running off for a day at Lake Compounce but I will be around to visit later!

Five Minute Friday
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4 thoughts on “He Sustains (5 Minute Friday: Small)

  1. “Because even in the desert places He does sustain.”I am in that desert place but being sustained, thank you for reminding me of his continuous presence and love.


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