Savoring the Good Things He Gives (RI Pictures)

Hi friends! I have not done a Miscellany Monday in a while but today I thought I would say hello and share a few pics, and check in with you all. Here are my randoms and multitudes.
From our garden…YUM! 

A peek into my current Journal- random scribbles-
and if you missed this Random Journal Day post, you might find some fun and inspiration, help for writer’s block and perfectionism? Random Journal Day is the first Friday of the month…consider yourself invited!

A thoughtful friend dropped by with this gift Saturday, which she said I had to open right away!

Just for fun- Once a year! This is the first year I actually had “treats” thanks to another sweet, friend, who felt I needed these. 

She made these cupcakes for me… 

She felt I needed these, too!  
Horses in Greene, Rhode Island

Beautiful sky… 

This “fortune” was at the park when I took my morning walk- it cracked me up!
My hubby took this picture on the South County Bike Trail.
He texted it to me, but was my phone near me? Nope.
But I got it later!  

I am in the process of matting my ICADs and putting them in a little album!These were some of the last ones that I made.
Daisy Yellow hosted this simple but wonderful challenge-
creating one index card a day, using a variety of mediums.

Counting again, because it is needful.

#446-Luscious, fat, numerous ripe Blackberries in our back yard.
#447-This gift of blogging and how it keeps me spiritually afloat.
#448-His gracious creativity flowing through me to overflow.
#449- Friends who not only accept this crazy girl as is, but who embrace me with all of my crazy. And lavish me with unexpected gifts! #shark week
#450. Horses- wherever they are. God bless horses. Because.
#451. For a hubby who took the beautiful picture on his bike ride to show me because he knows how much I love BEAUTY.
#452. Fortunes found that bring smiles.
#453 Shark Week for better or worse…and how they intrigue me
#454 Completing the icad challenge and feeling appreciation for each of my little “creations”!
#455 An abundance of reading material- I love books!
#456 the Library…sigh- I love the public library.
#457- I love the East Side of Providence and enjoyed a lovely evening at Wayland Square book browsing and visiting Teas and Javas~ Summer in Providence…nice place to visit but I’ll stay in Gansett, BABY!

lowercase letters

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  1. Hi Dawn, I linked up next to you at Ann's and am just now getting over to visit. I love #456. I love the library, too! And we picked yummy blackberries this week that I included on my gift list. Anyway, it's nice to meet you!


  2. I loved this post! I too love horses and agree …God bless the horses. The blackberries look yummy. And those cupcakes are so cute. Wonderful list from a thankful heart.Blessings and love,Debbie


  3. Beautiful pictures of your world and I love your list…it made me feel even more thankful. And it made me smile. I love your heart, girl. 🙂


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