ICAD Grand Finally!

Well, Tammy of Daisy Yellow, has ICAD participants contemplating the following questions about the 2 month challenge. I decided to answer them here (although it was not required). I hope this helps to inspire you to join in next time around! 

Thank you, Tammy and thanks to all of those who participated and offered up a word of encouragement or instruction! This has been a blast! 

1. Have you tried new techniques, themes, mediums, materials, palettes, pens?
Most of this was new to me! I tried paints for the first time, as well as discovered Zentangles. I incorporated multiple materials together. 

2. Do you look forward to your creative time each day?
I so enjoyed getting into the creative zone in this new way. Index cards are truly approachable and addicting.

3. Have you made a little time each day for the past two months for a bit of art?
Not every day, more like 2-5 cards at a sitting. Initially every day but then I found once I started, one was not enough.

4. What did you change about your schedule to allow time for art?
Summer provided a more relaxed time with routine, so I just went with the flow of the day.

5. How did you feel when you skipped a day?
Once I got into a groove I just made my cards and enjoyed the other days for Beach or otherwise.
I enjoyed making them daily, or every other day. 

6. What was it like to make an extra card?
They just came in twos and threes…

7. Do you carry art materials in your backpack or purse for those little gaps in your day?
I did take materials for vacation, and although a couple of times I brought them along otherwise, I never did make any cards. 

8. Have your creative ideas bloomed or faded?
Stoked with ideas galore. 

9. Are there any techniques or cards that you would like to create in a larger format?
I would like to use collage with paints and stamps.

10. What did you learn about yourself?
That I enjoy creating with different mediums and I am willing to make a mess for the sake of it all. 

11. Will you continue your theme or series?
I like the idea of a quote series, so I look forward to another similar challenge, next year. 
(Or maybe sooner?)

12. Are you ready for something fresh and new?
My goal once finished this challenge was to treat myself to a real canvas to create a collage with mixed medium. 

13. Do you love flipping through your cards?
Yes, I have them in this little decorative box which came with Fancy Wine Corks. I knew it would come in handy some day! 

14. Did you underestimate the impact of this simple challenge?
Probably. I could not have anticipated how much enjoyment I would get from this little endeavor. It was also therapeutic at times. 

15. Did this inexpensive, flimsy canvas surprise you?
An index card I discovered became the perfect starting point. Non- intimidating, versatile and abundant!
16. Do you adore that pile of blank cards, that stack of potential?
Totally. I will never look at index cards the same way again! 

17. Did you surprise yourself?
I surprised myself with these leaf sketches…I don’t consider myself an “artist” but I was compelled to capture these in Maine!

18. Did you stick to the challenge?
Absolutely, but not rigidly! I did not use the prompts this first time, perhaps next time I will. I think I just wanted to feel free to explore and discover. Also not every single day. But, pretty darn close!

19. Did you have fun posting to the Flickr group or the FB group?
The Facebook group had such a wonderful bunch of artists who freely offered input and encouragement! I made new friends, learned new things and appreciated seeing the amazing work of so many talented adults and kiddos! 

20. How many cards did you complete?

My Final Four:

Watercolor drips and splash

Watercolor with Acrylic Gecko

Watercolor Dots

The Final Card

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  1. This looks like such a fun idea! Are you going to keep making cards even though the challenge is over? It would be a neat way to commemorate events.


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