Are You A Perfect Homemaker? (Guest Post by Susie Jackson)


One of my very favorite bloggers to turn to for homemaking encouragement for my domestically challenged mind is Susie Jackson of The Homemakers Journey. I asked Susie to share a bit of her special style of inspiration for my readers (and ME TOO!) and know you will be blessed by her sweet perspective. A special thank you to this sweet bloggy sister and friend who despite a difficult season in her life came through to share a few words of wisdom today. I know you will love my friend, if you have not already met her here she is…the Homemaker Mom, Susie Jackson!

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The homemaker sets the tone for the home. They help bring balance to the family unit. Are homemakers perfect? No way! But, no matter if you’re a woman who works or is home full time, your home is your home and you’re a homemaker either part time or full time. Some, who stereotype women, think homemakers are the perfect housewives that can sew, make meals from scratch, can foods, grow a garden, keep a perfect home, look perfect etc. All those things are very good & worthy, but as a full time homemaker I used to think I was not a true homemaker if I didn’t do those things. There is pressure sometimes, even on moms who are home, to measure up. I would long to do those things and do them well. I would see other homemakers who seemed perfect with all their domestic skills and felt guilty. I would feel as if I was not a true homemaker when I would not measure up. But life is truly a journey even if you ‘re at home. We women carry guilt we should n’t.

Sometimes we, as ladies, look at others to measure up when we should only be looking at Jesus. 

Our jobs as homemakers is not to sew perfect, garden perfect, look perfect, clean perfect, decorate perfect.

Ask yourself, are you: 
praying daily for your family? 
Are you bringing peace and balance to your home in any way you can? 
Do you take care of your families’ daily needs? 
Do you tend to your home? 
Are you setting a good example for your kids? 
Are you raising your family in the Word of God? 
Are you trying to keep them safe & healthy? 

Then guess what you’re a great homemaker momma! Do not feel guilt. We are not perfect- only Jesus is and he wants to help us to be the women of God he called us to be. What matters is what Jesus thinks of you not the ladies at the PTA meetings. So focus on what really matters and do not feel guilty for opening that box of hamburger helper instead of making a five star meal! 

*Susie is my honorary guest and latest addition to The Inspiring Women Series find all of the Inspiring Women Posts at the Contacts Tab, or just click HERE.

**Susie Jackson is a mom of 2 teens with a few babies waiting for her in heaven. She loves God, family, home, to many hobbies & the journey life brings. She is a blogger and mom brand ambassador@

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