Random Journal Day Link -Up June 2013 (Hooray for Summer!)

Welcome to Random Journal Day!

I took my journal (s) out for a breakfast date this week.
It was a wonderful time!
When was the last time you and your journal had a writing date?
Where was it?
I would love to hear all about it if you would like to journal a post to share here!

I thought we would try something new for Random Journal Day this month and see how it goes.

Option 1 is the usual. Check out details below.

Option 2 is to write a blog post about one of the following:
a. Write about one or more of your favorite journal writing escapes. Describe where you were and how it enhanced (or hindered) your writing experience.
b. Recall your first journal, if you can. Write a blog post which describes your first journal experiences.  To consider: Did anyone ever read your diary and how did you respond?
Where did you hide your diary?
Can you remember the details of what the journal was like?
c. Oh, hey- those questions in that above paragraph- if that works for you, blog it!

Either way whether you share from your journal or whether you write from the prompt, please include a link in your post then add your post back here so we can come visit.

Would you kindly share Random Journal Day with friends?
Pretty please? 

I know it’s a busy season, that’s why I thought it might be fun to have some fun and whip up some posts about our mutual journal love!

Thanks and Happy RJD DAY! 

OPTION A: Per usual

1. Dig out one of your old journals, or a recent journal. Choose an entry, or a portion of an entry that you feel bold enough or at least comfortable to share. We prefer if you could include a picture of your journal if possible!


2. Write up your blog post, publish and link up hereLink up the blog post you are sharing, NOT your general Blog address- so we can visit your entry. You can use the picture below or just link back -here. 


3. Kindly visit and comment on the person before you in the link up.You can visit more but we understand that everyone is busy.

Please visit at least one other Random Journal Day Link Up as that just would make it nice for all.


We look forward to peeking in your journals-
I will be around to visit you all!
Read more about Random Journal Day and see all posts under the LINKS tab, HERE!

Please link up and join in our Random Journal Day-
please share with your journal keeping friends!


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3 thoughts on “Random Journal Day Link -Up June 2013 (Hooray for Summer!)

  1. For once I was ready before you had this up, so I did not do the new options but sounds fun. I may do another one if tomorrow allows time though. Thanks Dawn, you are the best!!Susie


  2. Hi Susie,Thanks for being so quick on the link up! I appreciate that as it has been very busy the past few days! I look forward to getting over to read and visit the others asap! No-YOU are the best! Hugs!;)


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