My Stacks Runneth Over (What’s On Your Nightstand: May 2013)

I have been being a good little reader (ok, by my own standard!) lately.
I have bitten off more than I could chew for myself in terms of Reviews, since I am the slowest reader ever. BUT, I have been moving along through my pile (s). 
So many books so little time, right?
So here’s what has made it to the nightstand and beyond!
14 is my lucky number this month!

I read my first book by Anne Lamott. I know, you are wondering to yourself.
I found her to be amazingly quotable. I wrote down two and a half pages of quotes in my journal from this book. Hmm. Will have to read more by her before I draw conclusions. But I did finish it in a week which is miraculous for me! Prompted by the library’s deadline, of course! 
Because the fact is…I needed to have this book!
 I spent a Friday night pouring over this book after attending a giant Homeschool Conference!
This book was such a great help with soting through all of the information and compiling a lot of information from one of the best compilers/reviewers going.  

I was so excited to finally get to read and participate in Rene Swope’s Online Bible Study. This book is so good, I actually read the last three chapters in one sitting. The timing was so good as I needed every reminder that Rene used from God’s word for this season of my life. I thought it would be more of the same kind of bible chick stuff, but when a woman takes her heart and braves sharing it in a book, God has a way of taking her story and making it powerful, practical and encouraging. It has to be the Holy Spirit and His faithfulness. 

Again, with the seasons! Did you ever get nervous when everything you read starts to have a theme? Steve Reed does a great job of discussing “The Suffering Clause”. Which is possibly exactly the opposite of some of those very popular best sellers which rave about God’s blessing and prosperity.
A reality check and blessing. Read my review of Transformed by Tough Times.

The Tin Man – Voice of and Incest Survivor by Holly Otten, is a book which shares poetry, stories and artwork as a reflective look at Holly’s journey of healing.
Read my Review of The Tin Man.
Have you read this wonderful book by Kylie Bisutti?It is fantastic. I loved reading Kylie’e story which really details more or less God’s transforming power in work in the life of one beautifully redeemed young girl. A great book for young girls…of all ages! One detail I failed to mention in my review is that there is a 30 Day Beauty Makeover Devotion at the end of the book ( I read the ADvanced Readers Copy which did not include it. I also have the Hard Copy (which I gave to a reader) which includes that excellent biblical beauty makeover! Read my review of I’m No Angel- From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model.
I forced  firmly encouraged  my daughter to read this book as part of Homeschool reading.
Theology, reason, and logic mingle freely in this read.
I reviewed Reasons for Belief– check it out!

Homeschool mom’s required reading this month. Payback! Brushing up, we are reading and working through the Constitution so I read this before including it in my additional required reading list for daughter!

Love this handy book of all our favorite RI restaurants.
Great details and historical bits. Or bites. 

So there I was in the waiting room at the Doctor office.
There it was Jan Brett’s The Hat. It brought me right back to reading to my daughter
in 1st grade and reminded me how much I love this author’s work, as well as children’s books in general. Charming, sweet and exquisite artwork. Gift it to your favorite child. Or own inner child! 
I have read and continue to read many books on  prayer. So far I have to say…I am loving this one. I am behind in my review schedule, but  can only say  I am highlighting and making notes. Review to come soon! I was given Prayer Warrior Mom  as part of the Bloggers book program from Booksneeze for Purpose of Review. 
The Toy Story Trilogy recently won my daughter and me over, hands down!
We are loving it! Read my take on The Toy Trilogy by Emily Jenkins.
I am currently enjoying this with my morning (or afternoon or evening) devotions!
Read my Review of Prayers for a Woman’s Soul by Julie Gillies!
I just started reading this book by Holly Otten on Kindle.
I have had the privilege of meeting and speaking with Holly, and she is one inspiring woman with a story to tell worth listening to! I will review it soon! Check out hand in Hand by Holly Otten
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5 thoughts on “My Stacks Runneth Over (What’s On Your Nightstand: May 2013)

  1. So many good choices! I may have read the Renee Swope one, not sure. I do remember reading The Hat, though, when my kids where little. I forgot about it being time for this. Perhaps I'll try to get it done tomorrow.


  2. All I have to say is…Anne Lamott. One of the best books on writing I ever wrote was by her: Bird by Bird. And all her memoirs are brilliantly transparent. A reading woman is my favorite kind of friend.


  3. Great list! The Cathy Duffy title is supposed to be very helpful, from what I've heard. All the books on prayer look interesting too!


  4. Wow. Your stack really does run over! I'm pretty curious about the former Victoria's Secret model's book–and Geisler's Reasons for Belief looks to be a fantastic resource. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of both books.


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