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I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Trying to keep things in perspective. Trying to take hold of the proper view on life, love, faith, trust. And Pixie Dust. I always have to add that part…because I’m longing for simpler days in the midst of these 7th grade challenges, that rise up like a dragon, breathing hell -fire and leaving me feeling small. And like not such a great mama. I’m just a mom who has no idea what she’s doing and I am leaning hard on a mighty God because I have no. Other. Plan. I mean that seriously. Got nothing. No back up plan. No great mom history. No legacy of mamas who love God behind me. But a great God who loves me and this little family. So I look back and remember when she was small. Even then she wanted to rule the world. EVen then she wanted to be the boss. Be in control. Be pushing the stroller, not in it. Mama  needs to climb into that stroller and remember who is in control of all. And I do. Lord, help me. I do. But thanks for the daily reminders. Because I guess I need them.

Below is one of my favorite songs from one of my Girl’s favorite Disney movies Peter Pan (Return to Neverland). It is called I’ll Try by Jonatha Brooke. It is actually on my wedding favor CD. It’s about 5 minutes, because she describes how the song came to be…I hope you will take a moment to listen.
It came to my memory as I wrote this morning.

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8 thoughts on “From Where I am Standing (5 Minute Friday: View)

  1. You're doing it right: no plan, no idea how to do it. That gives the Lord free range over your life, over your family. That's okay that you don't have someone to show you. His love will carry you.


  2. Beautiful post. Mother is so wonderful, and so hard, all at the same time. There's no book, no rules…all we have is intuition and God leading us down the right path. Hugs!


  3. Mothering legacy or not, 7th grade is the worst phase for so many!! My lowest mom times were in that hellish stage. The kids are sticking out their big toes and testing the “mean kid” drama. They know exactly what buttons to push in us because we have been so open and honest with them. I wished for a 2 or 3 year “Camp” that I could send my boys to. Like an Obedience Training place, you know?You are doing it right Dawn. she is strong like you and coming nose to nose with your own self can be pretty tough. But oh my goodness, look where your inner strength has brought you. And of course your prayer is that she will go even farther!! Blessings on you mama!


  4. I've been thinking a lot lately. Trying to keep things in perspective. Trying to take hold of the proper view on life, love, faith, trust. And Pixie Dust.~~ Loved your words here. Bless you, sweet friend.. I needed this today!!!


  5. I think every mother has felt this way at some point or other…be encouraged because He promises is that the good work He has begun, in you and your daughter, He will complete!


  6. Hi Dawn! It is so hard being a mom. I think it's both the greatest job and the most difficult. After some of our not so nice moments, I think to myself, “They're not even teenagers yet!” I can't even imagine! But I completely agree, that we have to just hand it all over to our God who is in complete control! 🙂 Blessings to you today!!


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