The Truth About Flowers

I’m in the habit of sharing a few words of attempted poetry here on Tuesdays. I link up over at dVerse, a place for poets of all kinds, to mingle. For love of words and lack of perfection, I just do it. The doors open at 3 PM Eastern time…I kinda like it there when I can hang out a bit and take a little break at the Pub. There are a lot of really inspiring writers sharing…
join us?

The Truth About Flowers

The flower
by neglect
and died…
but no one noticed
they just walked by
busy with 
their own agendas
pie in the sky
they failed to 
the petals
growth stilted
all sides
 pressed in
the very 
 pressed out
stepped on
walked over
leaving faint aroma
and stain
Once full of life
now dry
memory faded
sweep it away
sweep it away
under the carpet 
where hearts lie betrayed
the truth about flowers
flowers aren’t
 always displayed
but their beauty fleeting
tenderness bleeds out
grows brittle
with time
and neglect…
one moment 
flash of time
remembered no more…

Linking with dVerse for Open link night at the Pub-time for some poetic justice!

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Flowers

  1. under the carpet where hearts are betrayed…ugh….so true on neglect as well as people walk on by…chilling in its truth you know…the echo at the end as well…


  2. tightly penned metaphor…and i really pray that i have an eye for the people around me and not let them wither unnoticed.. often we're just so occupied with other things that we fail to notice..


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