You’ve Got A Friend (5 Minute Friday-Song)

Thanks to my friend, Mary who always catches me in pictures.
She loves that I am a ham! 
Every once in awhile I get a song in my head, random. When I do, I just want to listen to it over and over again. For some reason last night, I sat tired and thankful, thinking back on my week and the day. I read a Blog Post which spoke to my heart, somehow…and I started thinking about the gift of good friends. Although I have had my share of all kinds, fairweather, fickle and frightening, I really began pondering the lessons, and amazing gift that God gives in the gems He lavishes us with called friends. I long to be the kind of friend to others that He is to me. But I so fall short. Yet, He is still faithful and gives me friends who truly accept me with all my quirks and shortcomings. Better even still they not only “like me” (Sally Field) they love me. So today I am dedicating this song to all of the sweet friends that God has given me.

Ain’t it good to know, you’ve got a friend?

You can pause the beach sounds at the bottom of the page to listen to James Taylor sing You’ve Got a Friend.

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12 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Friend (5 Minute Friday-Song)

  1. James Taylor… you had me at James Taylor. 🙂 And I agree, I long for others to know that they can count on me as a friend and that I am there as I say I will be.


  2. There truly is NOTHING like puppy breath. Nothing. But, the gift of friendship is a close second. No, no. I kid. I love that you were reflecting on friendship and how God brings us together with friends who love us warts and all!


  3. thank you internet friend for turning me onto to Helen Jane Long's music and especially her song “Release”.


  4. james taylor is a good one to get stuck in your head if you are going to get one stuck…ha. and cute pic up front…animals are surely therapeutic…have a great saturday!


  5. Love you too…what a gift you are to me! I love all your craziness, compassion, and understanding! When I look at you, how I so appreciateWho you are, totally Dawn, I wouldn't want you any other way! Now…I need to work on being a ham too! Lol


  6. I love that song! I always try to be the friend I want to have, and I've found that serves me well. I suspect it will do the same to you. :-)Visiting from The Weekend Showcase.


  7. I love that song. At first, I was thinking the Toy Story themed song, but that's only because I have a four year old in the house. Its so nice to have a good group of friends who not only like you but love you like a sister.


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