Kylie Bisutti, Victoria’s Secret and a Book Giveaway!

Today, Kylie Bisutti’s new book I’m No Angel is officially released. I received an Advanced Readers Copy as well as a lovely hardcover book. BUT for my crazy schedule would have loved to review it for you BUT am still squeezing in a few chapters. Enough Buts…
I am behind in everything, no if’s ands or buts about it….

So, here’s what I want to do for you my lovely readers and friends.
I want to give you a chance to receive Kylie’s book. Today.
I will have my review up soon and another surprise to come, but in the meantime…
I know you will love Kylie’s heart and honesty as she shares her journey.
Let’s stand with her as she stands for Him.

Here’s how you can win a copy of this book:

1) Leave a comment of support for Kylie. Or your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret, modesty and/or women’s body image.
2) Tweet this giveaway (Share the link and your user name in the comments as your entry)
Two entries per person allowed.

(Contest closes Friday Midnight)

I received this book from Tyndale (Thank you Andrea!)
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10 thoughts on “Kylie Bisutti, Victoria’s Secret and a Book Giveaway!

  1. Hi Dawn, I am definitely interested in reading this book.Looks unputdownable! But I have no idea how to fit the link to this page in a tweet! Have to ask my son! patsy


  2. Patsy, it is so non put downable! lol…except for my Home Schooling and to do list which keeps interrupting me! Smiles. OK, so there is a little grouping under the post , you could just tweet it from there…also I will check if I am following you on Twitter! Good luck!


  3. So proud of Kylie! VS perpetuates a standard most of us can't live up to and it's affecting little girls, too. 😦 Would love to read the book. I tweeted, too, but don't know how to put the link here. My twitter name is @Stacy_64


  4. It took courage to step away from something like VS. I am interested in the book, also. You'll like this; every time I see an ad for VS, I say to myself,”What they are selling should be a secret.”


  5. what a journey she has had eh? and i am sure her story will touch lives because of her bold move…from where she came to now…very cool….


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