Monday Morning Coffee Chat (Ain’t That a Lot of Love?)

Friends, it is so hard to keep track of all the blessings God gives. It’s like chasing butterflies. Or like a bottomless cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But I will share a few here today and I pray I share something that blesses you in the process.

So for those of you who are wondering how Home Schooling has been going, I will say this. It’s going. The statement “one day at a time”, has a whole new level of intensity these days. And I thank God for this phrase.

The weather here in Little Rhody continues to sarcastically toy with even the heartiest New Englander. Personally, I just roll with whatever comes our way. Or perhaps I should say, click my camera at whatever comes my way. Hmm. Not much one can do about the weather, right? Below are some pictures I captured this week.

*408. Seagulls flying at Camp Canonicus captured by my Elph 110 HS
409. Scarborough walk on, windy inviting me to pause

*410. The fact that life is short but never too short to pull over
and capture beauty as God gives it

*411. Waiting for a wave before I snapped this shot…delicious! 
*412. These beautiful trees, sky, stone wall inviting me into the present moment
*413. Divine appointments and a sweet new friend –
 Thank you, Jesus for your ways, which are so beyond our ways! 

This week I asked for prayer on my Facebook page for a meeting I had planned for Friday and I thank you and want to say how thankful I am that God allowed Holly Otten and I to come together. I will be sharing more about Holly this week on the blog. Holly is a very inspiring and anointed daughter of God who has embarked on a very exciting mission to help sexual abuse survivors secure healing and freedom in Jesus Christ. She has written two books and is working on completing a curriculum for her ministry called “Tin Man Ministries“. You can find her at Survivor of Sexual Abuse on Facebook.
Also her website is HERE

Photo by Dave Marcoccio
Blizzard of 2013

The town of Narragansett celebrated 125 years of Independence with a wonderful open house event at the beautiful Towers. It was actually a sunny day (no snow) but the picture above was given away as a postcard to celebrate. There were also commemorative stamps available. Plenty of historical information was shared by volunteers, the Historical Society and local long time residents. My girl and I enjoyed this Friday afternoon.

*414. That I live in a beautiful state, and for the opportunity and freedom to take a day and enjoy the local history with my daughter unhindered. 
I enjoyed attending my very first Home School conference this past Saturday with the RI Guild of Home Teachers group and really enjoyed myself and appreciated greatly listening to those who spoke as well as meeting fellow local Home Schoolers. There was a room dedicated to Curriculum and it was great to check out many resources that were there.

For your amusement I am sharing our Home School desk as it looked at the end of the week. Really that was all my messy. We like to keep things “real” ha! This will be tidied up by…God willing (or flesh compliant) Monday! 
*415. That Home is where the heart is, at least this side of eternity and that Home School helps us to keep our family with all it’s imperfections tighter, closer and more connected. Thank you, Lord.
Last but not least …
I confess I am a long time Simply Red fan (it goes way back). In which I also implore you to view or freely pass on this performance in Prague. For no other reason than…because I felt a little in the mood for some Simply Red. Click HERE for music video clip for the song “Ain’t That A Lot of Love?”

Have a Great week! 

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  1. Hello sweet friend! I am visting from Ann's today and am so glad I (re)found you! An endless cup of coffee… well – you just know how to get me, don't you? Blessings!


  2. I wish I liked coffee….can I have tea with you? 🙂 An endless pot of tea would be nice…and just the time to sit and drink in your amazing talents. Thanks for the update. Been praying for you and your lovely, lucky daughter!!!


  3. I love your beachy photos with those blue skies…cold and gray here. Thanks for sharing this little part of your journey by linking up with Playdates with God this week!


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