Monumental Monday- Celebrating 1000 Gifts (and Counting)

Steppingstone Falls in West Greenwich, Rhode Island
A very hidden place!
 My sweet girl took this picture Saturday as we enjoyed an impromptu
walk in the scenic woods of our beautiful state, Saturday afternoon.

My BIG news breaking is that not only did I have a wonderful weekend with much to thank God for but I also hit 1000 in my “paper” 1000 Gifts Journal. I actually keep two, AN online (here at the blog) one and my spiral bound, handmade version. Pictured below.

Here is my 1000th!

You can see Aurora watching over my every move.
Guaranteed, if I lay open a book, she is there.
She actually was sitting inside pizza boxes this time. 
Sister Ashley. She lays by the food bowl and heater all day.
No flies on her. She does sleep on my stomach at night.
Like a heating pad.
I wrote a little Christian Meditation  this weekend.
Confident Heart

I am excited to attempt to do Rene Swope’s Online Book and Bible Study beginning April 1!
If any of you remember I failed my last attempt! However it led to a wonderful surprise and the pictures below. So obviously it was a blessing that I failed? AT least it proved He does work things together for good… and God Sized Surprises!

This was all due to a very, sweet, thoughtful friend named Kristy who decided I needed this book because I was not having the Kindle version. I like REAL books. 
I am READY to DO IT! No Fooling, this time!
Onward to A Confident Heart.
Feel free to join me. Just pop on over to Rene’s
to find out more and sign up!
Saw this movie and loved it. I will Blog my thoughts on it as I thought there was so much more to love about this story and will argue the fact with anyone who wants to go at it.
I love the heart of the movie, and the heart of it’s main character.
Finished this book this weekend and will be reviewing it this week. Stay tuned. Great read. A cold drink of water for needy, hurting Christians, but a nice slap in the face for the Pharisee crowd. Support for those who have kids that are challenging, without the usual gag me with a pitchfork, Christian jargon and advice. Thank you Brenda Garrison!
 Have a GREAT WEEK! 

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