Simple Woman’s Daybook (What Every Woman Needs)

FOR TODAY~ Well I am linking with The Simple Woman’s Daybook- Here’s a peek into my day…hope you are enjoying your weekend, friends. 
Outside my window…Sunshine and blue skies. Second day in a row. 
I am thinking…how God is sovereign, perfect and full of surprises. Good surprises. That anything that exalts itself against that thought needs to be cut down, cast out and severed. 
I am thankful...that I lived through teaching my Sunday School class. I am always amazed how God graciously provides me with all I need. Even though I needed that extra hour back badly this morning, he supplied grace for all. Thankful for the way he teaches me through every circumstance, situation and every person. He wastes nothing.

In the kitchen…the dirty dishes are calling. I am currently avoiding them It’s the Sabbath, right? 
I am wearing...A hand knit sweater made by my grandmother, who I feel is wrapped around me in love. Also my very favorite comfy jeans. 

I am creating…an altered book, some words on paper in my new journal and a few posts swimming through my head that need to be released via the keypad. 

I am savor the day, pray as I go and appreciate knowing His presence on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
I am wondering...where my phone is. Again. 
I am reading…too many books. But three for review including Transformed by ToughTimes by Steve Reed, Love No Matter What by Brenda Garrison and Reasons for Belief by Norman Geisler. A few others but I really have to stop the multiple book reading at once. My brain is on overload. 
I am hoping…to see God do miracles in those I know, love and come across as He wills. I am hoping to see many answered prayers and mighty acts of wonder in the days ahead. 
I am looking forward to...attending my first Home School Conference this month. Reading and teaching the new curriculum for Sunday School. 
I am learning...that He longs to fill our every waking hour with His presence. 

Around the house...books are everywhere, my Girl and her friend are eating leftover pork fried rice and relaxing quietly, bed is unmade, dishes are dirty, fridge is in need of restocking, and there is a sweet peace permeating it all. 
I am pondering...grace. I could ponder it all day. 

A favorite quote for today…”What’s for you will not pass you”
One of my favorite things...yesterday I got a bangle with the above quote on it…and for some reason, I need these words now, so I am appreciating this Alex & Ani bracelet gift. Every woman needs a little bangly thing once in awhile…for no reason.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Resume schedule- read, write, teach, love, pray, savor every moment. Homeschooling, connecting with new and old friends, attempting to get more fresh air.

A peek into my day…somehow I set my clock to Indiana time. Why that was an option on my Blackberry and how it happened is vague. I had my glasses off and checked the alarm at bedtime. Lo and behold I was waking up to Indiana time instead of Eastern. There’s grace for that, too. Heading to the park with the girls, Hubs will be home soon (hoping he’s cooking!), my Mom and Bella (her poodle)  are off to Florida (just helped her load the car)!

A Picture:

Wakefield, RI

As I said I am joining with the lovelies at A Simple Woman’s Daybook for the very first time…
It’s Stacy’s fault. 😉 

Linking with Barbie as well, because I think this is a fairly encouraging post! 

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8 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook (What Every Woman Needs)

  1. Dawn: I woke up to Indiana time also WAIT, I am in Indiana. I like your list. I read a couple of books this week- part of a series. That's all I did yesterday.


  2. Hope you love the conference. I have a great resource for you that I'll be linking to this Wednesday on I LOVE homeschool conferences! I'm a Bible class teacher, too, and I always wonder how on earth I'll do it. I don't; God does!


  3. I loved that you linked your Daybook to The Weekend Brew. I use to link up early in my blogging. I sort of miss it.I cannot believe how many books you can read at one time I guess I'm just too old to process so much information at once. Ha! Have a beautiful week!


  4. Loved the peek into your day. I've always liked this meme because it makes me settle down and get quiet. Maybe it's no coincidence that I joined up again this week after a long break (and dragged you along)….”breathe” seems to be popping up in my life on a daily basis right now…even in the 40 Days. 🙂


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