Man Plans, God Laughs on Monday!

Nobody is more motivated than you, nobody loves your child more than you do, nobody has [a greater] desire for your child to succeed than you. 
~Krisa Winn on Home-Schooling. 
I loved stumbling upon the quote above this week, and am making it my Home School theme quote. The past week has been full, of graces, blessings and mercies fresh daily. He is faithful! 
It has been a busy week for us, as the public and private schools were on winter vacation this past week. We managed to keep to our Home School work and schedule while allowing for some fun time with friends as well. 

Monday was a great get together and we headed to local Sand Dunes that are usually awesome for sledding but due to exceedingly high winds were a little blotchy. Everyone still made the best of it!

My Girl sliding…
My Girl’s exit off of sliding apparatus! 
Sometimes beauty, like grace walks gently into our moments as quiet as a deer… 

Though it seems to walk by, it never leaves but reveals itself
in tender, unexpected moments.
*A half dozen deer showed up as my sweet friend and I sat praying following a blessed day!

February 20th was the Hub’s Birthday.
We celebrated with Peanut Butter Cup Brownies and a special Mid-Life Crisis Present for him. He wanted it, don’t get your panties all up in a bunch!

Sunday we got to see the most beautiful Bride-to-be, Sandy. Overjoyed for this dear friend and her soon to be Husband.

So here are my planning pages for the Blog as I was fleshing out the upcoming weeks. How is it that I decide to make a “blogging schedule”, and no sooner than I do just that, I immediately break my own plan? That is when I am reminded of a sweet Jewish client who used to speak these sage quotes, “Man plans, and God laughs”. Well, this is His place, I pray I am just the Facilitator and hostess, and available to flex as He wills. 
So much for the 4 day a week schedule…
Let’s say that it is a “tentative” schedule, shall we?
Because this week IS a busy week here, ok? Stay with me and I will let you know so you can pick and choose what you don’t want to miss!

So Emily over at Imperfect Prose put out a DARE this for the next few Mondays…
It’s a dare, friends. It’s A DARE TO LOVE YOURSELF. Starting now.
I took the dare and will be linking up with Emily for her Synchroblog -which starts today:February 25th!Consider taking the dare, ok?

Tuesday is time for What’s On Your Nightstand– Stop by and I will tell you all about my current pile of books. I’ve got a pretty busy stack for the slowest reader in the land of Blogdom.
Stop by if you can- and consider sharing What’s On Your Nightstand, too!
Wednesday is our informal check in for our Writing To God  journey.  Those participating  will share how their week of writing exercises went, share a post in the comments if they wish, or just comment on the “Conversation”. I will be posting a little conversation prompt, for those who may drop in to visit and want to join the conversation.
Thursday I am hosting a Book Tour with review of this book by an Episcopalian Priest who shares some of his perspective on how the Near-Death Experiences of many, convinced him of the reality of Heaven. This one may be the most challenging Book Review I have had to write to date. Prayers welcome as I wrap that up. 
Friday is Random Journal Day– Hooray!

396. Lost keys in deep snow that God returned once we asked TOGETHER in prayer!
397. A blessed, busy joyful week. 398. Active, productive and peace filled days. 399. One day at a time may be the key to everything. Maybe even one breath, one step…
400. The God who grows greater in my eyes, but who is already greater than I can perceive.

Eyes to see, Lord. Eyes to see.  May I see your greatness and glory in the details of every moment, every day. Hallelujah!
I still have more I want to share, but it can wait! 
How about you-what’s new and exciting in your life? 

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  1. Hey Dawn, I've been out of the loop, don't quite know the gig about writing to God, though it's my breath, I think. Anyway, I tried something different today. Check it out. Maybe?


  2. Dawn: I spent part of my time yesterday afternoon and this morning in prayer for our church. I spent time writing some blog entries. Wednesday, I hope to get to midweek services, Friday I am doing the Random Journal Day.


  3. Dawn, your days are jam packed! I have good intentions of making a schedule for my blog posts but I end up not following it. But there are a few link ups that I try to never miss. I loved the photos of the deer and to think a group passed by while praying. That is too cool!Blessings and love,Debbie


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